4 thoughts on “Panhandle Slim… Art for Folk…

  1. Then again how many American white boy bands could get away with calling ‘funk’ ‘stupifying’, ‘asinine’ ‘repetitive’ — unless those terms are meant ironically, but I don’t think the narrative of the song will shoulder that burden

  2. It sure didn’t take Biden long to break his promise.

    On Thursday Biden promised to sign a bill which contained Democratic priorities like climate money and a tax increase on the rich and corporations at the same time that he signed the “bipartisan” infrastructure bill that the Big Lie Party wanted.

    Within 48 hours Biden had caved into the Big Lie Party and told Democrats to forgetabout what he had promised them on Thursday. (“That was not a veto threat.”)

    So much for Joe Biden’s trustworthiness.

    To add insult to injury, on Sunday, in two separate acts of war, Biden authorized the military to bomb “Iranian and Syrian backed militias” in Syria and Iraq which violated the sovereignty of each country.
    No US backed militias were targeted.

    Biden seems to be “slip slidin’ away.”

    Biden and his crew should keep in mind that there are more then enough Progressives in congress to pull a ‘Manchin’ and derail his agenda.

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