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  1. “Hitler did a lot of good things,” according to Trump.

    Inspired by Mussolini’s March of Rome in October 1923, Hitler held a rally and march on November 7,8 & 9, 1923 in Munich.
    On November 9, 2000 men marched from a beer hall to the Bavarian Defense Ministry.
    608 Brown Shirts stormed the Ministry building and were fired on by the 130 troops guarding the place.
    16 of them were killed along with 4 government troops.
    Every year after the Beer Hall Putsch (attempted coup) Hitler staged a grand public event honoring the 16 “Blood Martyrs.”

    There was an attempted coup by the Right on January 6,
    One of the treasonous insurrectionist, Ashli Babbit, was killed and 500 others have been arrested for their treasonous crimes.

    Lately Trump, the other coup plotters and participants, and the Big Lie Party have been calling Babbit and the other 500 criminals “martyrs.”


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