Child tax credit

I know so many people who are grateful today. It is such an enormous relief to so many parents, and I remember what it’s like to have nothing left over — or not enough:


One thought on “Child tax credit

  1. We need a flood of “trickle down” just like this all across the country and it can happen by passing Bernie’s $3.5 trillion Human Infrastructure Bill paid for by taxing the rich and corporations.

    A 5.3% inflation rate is beneficial to most workers for an extended period of time as long as it doesn’t turn into stagflation like it did between 1972 (Nixon) and 1985 (Reagan).

    Anybody who listens to any Capitalist economist trotted out on the Big Lie Party’s propaganda outlets FOX, Newsmax and OAN are wasting their time because they are being lied to.

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