One thought on “Imagine that

  1. There’s a difference between self-interested action and doing the right thing just because.
    There is no such thing as a “free market” and the “buyer better beware” if “the government isn’t telling” food processors not to sell contaminated food to the public.
    Which they did in a massive way before the “government” stepped in.
    But it’s even worse then that.

    The stock market lost 725 points yesterday and if you listened to the Capitalists you’d think that the “sky was falling.”
    It wasn’t.
    Because the game is fixed the “House” (the BIG investor) never loses.

    Unless you own stock, lots of stock, which a majority of Americans do not, then yesterday was just another day.

    For 90% of us yesterday’s “crash” was a non-event squared.

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