One thought on “Panhandle Slim… Art for Folk…

  1. The right wing Establishment of the Democratic Party, who call themselves moderates, are celebrating the defeat of another Progressive candidate.
    Progressive Nina Turner lost to Establishment right winger Shontel Brown in Tuesday’s Ohio primary.

    For the most part Progressives in the party have held their fire in the face of the personal insults hurled at them by the Establishment wing of the Democratic Party and by the Biden administration.
    But the disgusting tactics being used by Establishment Democrats against Progressive Democrats running for office, and specifically in Nina Turner’s case, can’t go unanswered.

    If right wing Establishment Democrats believe that they can, as they have said, “limit the number of Progressive victories in the primaries” by giving the right wing Establishment candidates a bottomless well of money, and by caricaturing all Progressive candidates as “trouble-some and uncompromising socialists, who nobody likes” (Pelosi said that) than they have badly miscalculated.

    That especially goes for Representative Hakeem Jefferies.

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