Joe Manchin says things

He opens his mouth and shit comes out, but we still don’t know what it all means, because he votes with Joe Biden 100% of the time:

One thought on “Joe Manchin says things

  1. Joe Manchin wants a $1.5 trillion Human Infrastructure Bill.

    There are 5 million fewer Americans working today then there were before the March 2020 lockdown.
    Another 3 million Americans are actively seeking a job.
    We need to create 8+ million jobs pronto.

    The $1.2 trillion “hard” Infrastructure Bill already passed by the Senate will create some of those jobs.
    The $3.5 trillion Human Infrastructure Bill will create the rest.

    Unfortunately, Joe Manchin, Sinema and a few other corporatist Democrats (Chris Coons) don’t want to raise taxes on the rich and corporations enough to fully pay for the Human Infrastructure Bill.
    Their refusal will create a funding shortfall which will require cutting badly needed programs from the bill.

    Which of the programs designed to help the poor and middle class will the corporatist Democrats (Tom Carper) cut or eliminate from the $3.5 trillion bill in order to help their rich donors and corporate sponsors to ‘not’ pay their “fair share” of taxes?

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