If only his supporters knew how to read

3 thoughts on “If only his supporters knew how to read

  1. Foser is absolutely on target. Woodward could give less than a shit about America. It’s his byline and book sales are all that matters. I am really pissed that writers who claim the protections of the constitution couldn’t give a fuck about the constitution.

  2. Woodward has been pretending to be a Post reporter, when in fact he’s been a paid propagandist for the intelligence community since Watergate. He’s chosen Costa to succeed him.

    General Milley veered way out of his lane and his egregious behavior demands his immediate removal.

    There is a strict chain-of-command in the military.
    Every decision made in the military is signed off on as it makes it’s way up through the chain-of-command.

    At the top of the chain-of-command is/was traitor Trump.
    Traitor Trump never signed off on General Milley’s phone calls to the Chinese.

    Nor is there any evidence that Milley included the State Department in the decision making loop.
    That makes Milley’s actions not only unforgivable, but dangerous.
    It’s the stuff of military coups.

    General Mark A. Milley needs to go.

  3. There are two sides to this.

    On the one hand, Trump was a deranged, out-of-control, totally unpredictable nutcase after he lost the election. Fudging the rules a little (or even a lot) to prevent a nuclear event would certainly, in hindsight, have been seen as heroic had that event come to be seen as likely. To oversimplify it’s the sanctity of the Constitution against the survival of humanity.

    On the other hand, having the military go rogue and bypass the President’s clear authority is a threat to our whole system of governance (what is left of it).

    So. Trump did not order a hit on Iran, or China, or NK to create a national security crisis (i.e. war) and justify delaying the transfer of power. Did China even consider a preemptive strike? Seems unlikely and we will probably never know.

    Milley probably needs to retire anyway. As for Woodward….yeecch!

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