One thought on “War reenactors

  1. Kinzinger is a little flip-floppy even for a warmonger.

    The deeper one dives into General Milley’s behavior during the last year of traitor Trumps administration the stranger it looks.

    The committee investigating the January 6 attempted coup has asked the Defense Department for all of Milley’s communications between October, 2020 (his first known phone call to China) and January 20 when Biden took office.
    Strike 1.

    Milley says in “Peril” that he didn’t recognize that he was being used as a prop in a Fascist propaganda stunt until he was walking across the street for traitor Trumps Bible-op in front of the church.
    “That was my road to Damascus moment, ” Milley says.
    Strike 2.

    Milley was adamantly opposed to ending the War in Afghanistan.
    Strike 3, you’re out.

    Milley and traitor Trumps other stellar appointment, the FBI’s Chris Wray, should both be replaced immediately.

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