One thought on “Kill it

  1. Here’s another bug that should be squished.

    The National debt currently stands at $28.4 trillion and by law it’s suppose to be $24.9 trillion.
    The federal government needs to borrow $3.2 trillion to make up the shortfall.
    That money will be barrowed from the trillionaires, billionaires and millionaires who will be paid 5% interest for their trouble.
    “Such a deal.”

    Now enter the bug, Moscow Mitch, who is playing political games with the debt ceiling.
    If we don’t raise the debt ceiling then we can’t borrow the $3.2 trillion we need to balance the budget.
    Moscow Mitch knows that his “betters,” the rich, want to loan the government that $3.2 trillion at 5% interest because it’s a sure thing. Unless the government collapses.
    So sooner or later Moscow will say “Never mind.”

    Anyone who wishes their ancestors to be wealthy should begin loaning money to the federal government today.

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