Too late

There are a lot fewer controls on these drone. Maybe time to reinstate them?

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  1. Speaking of drones and other such devices.

    Late last year Iran’s top nuclear scientist, Moshen Fakhrizadeh, was killed by a giant (damn thing weighed 1000 lbs.) machine gun triggered by computers from 1000 miles away in Israel.
    The gun and its software were smuggled into Iran a piece at a time and re-assembled over a period of several months.

    New international laws need to be passed regulating all weaponized AI.

  2. +This disastrous drone strike is the perfect symbol of US policy worldwide and especially in the MENA region. It literally makes me sick to my stomach. But it is getting too much attention (relative to other atrocities we have committed) just because it happened in a populated area and lots of news media were already present, resulting in the excellent NYT story(which left little room for the usual denials or slimy rationalizations.) The many other drone strikes and no knock raids that killed many, many innocent civilians over our 20 year adventure did not get so much attention. Or apologies. Or reparations. There is no capacity in the MSM to generalize this tragic catastrophe to the routine activities of the US military worldwide. It was a “mistake.” One off. Never happen again. Deep apologies. /s

    China builds. The US blows shit up. Why don’t they love us more?

    The USA Gymnastics scandal is the current domestic analog. Epic total failure, with elements of disgusting venality, dishonesty, sexism by the FBI. The system is corrupt to the core.

    We are a failed country, with a huge military budget and corrupt and failing internal governance, flailing about to maintain our “world dominance” with huge destructive capacity.

    Caitlin Johnstone and Ian Welsh say it better than I can. See also:

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