One thought on “Life on the edge

  1. Let’s see, I lost the Ford Torino my dad bought new in 1970 to the Berkeley cops after being pulled over in it for having my high beams on (the indicator light was out) and not having a hard copy of my license on me, I lost the ’87 Honda Accord we got from Briana’s mom to an expired registration, and we lost the Toyota Corolla I bought with the retroactive SSDI they paid me in ’09 to a couple of bogus parking tickets Briana got in it when they changed the street sweeping hours in front of the building where we lived. I tried to get her to pay it, or let me pay it, but she had a picture of the car with the ticket and the changed sign that she felt should have got her out of it, but Bill Taylor, the millionaire who owns the towing company didn’t get that rich by allowing the city to be fair.
    Each of those resulted in us not having any viable transportation, and no prospects for getting any.

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