Oh look

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Now the deal will finally get done when the Mercury retrograde is over. I wonder if Nancy has an astrologer on her staff… Via Bloomberg:

(Bloomberg) — Speaker Nancy Pelosi provided House Democrats with a new Oct. 31 target date to pass the stalled bipartisan infrastructure bill, saying she backed off a pledge to bring the measure to a vote this week because it would have been defeated.

“We must pass BIF well before then – the sooner the better, to get the jobs out there,” wrote Pelosi in a letter to her caucus on Saturday, referring to the $550 billion package in new infrastructure spending.

A 30-day funding extension for federal highway programs will expire at the end of October. That temporary measure was passed Friday night to keep programs funded after Pelosi did not bring the infrastructure package to a vote.

Pelosi also sought to unwind for colleagues the “two dynamics at work” for why she did not bring the bill to a vote, despite having told party moderates she would do so.