One thought on “Panhandle Slim… Art for Folk…

  1. >Haiti is a failed state. Politically, economically and in every other way that can be imagined.
    So how does it make sense for the US to ship thousands of Haitian immigrants back to a disaster zone? It seems counterintuitive and cruel.

    >The CIA has dismantled its “listening posts” in the Middle East and North Korea in order to devote more resources to China’s sphere of influence.
    Israel, Saudi Arabia and America’s anti-Muslims won’t be happy with that decision.

    >The unemployment rate was released this am. It came in at 4.8%.
    The unemployment rate has no relationship to reality because it’s based on data that is incomplete and of no real value for measuring anything.

    >Any “parent” who disrupts a school board meeting by screaming epithets and threatening violence should be investigated by the FBI, the State Attorneys Office, the state police, and the local police.
    What’s good for the Left is good for the Right.

    As it’s turning out Joe Manchin is quite a stupid man.

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