2 thoughts on “Trump’s highwater number was 50%

  1. Joe Biden’s poll numbers are down. (Yawn)

    The pandemic is ebbing, hopefully for good, the War in Afghanistan is over, there is a $1.2 trillion Hard Infrastructure (jobs) Bill waiting in the wings to be signed into law, and there is a $3.5 trillion Human Infrastructure (jobs) Bill being hammered out between Democratic Progressives and Democratic Conservatives.
    Joe Biden has accomplished a lot in 8 short months.

    On the other side, which we should all refer to as the “dark side” going forward, the Fascist Republican Big Lie Party, which has the support of about 30% of Americans, is doing nothing except obstructing.

    These Yahoo’s are obstructing everything.
    From legislation that will create millions of good paying jobs, to mask mandates and vaccinations.
    As a consequence of the Republican Big Lie Party’s obstructionism thousands of Americans have needlessly died from Covid, or have been unable for find a job (8 million are still unemployed from traitor Trumps lockdown), or have lost their homes or apartments.

    “What me worry?,” not about Joe Biden and his poll numbers.

  2. True, Biden has some accomplishments. But these poll numbers are deeply concerning because of the sentiment behind them. People are sensing that the time for progress on Joe’s big agenda is growing very short. They are correct. If he doesn’t deliver on campaign promises that directly affect marginal voters, the mid-terms will be a blood bath, which could actually bring Trump back in ’24. Or someone worse, i.e. actually competent.

    Like Obama before him, Biden wasted precious time with a pointless obsession with getting bi-partisan support for his agenda. Also courting King Manchin and Queen Simena, like Obama courted Lieberman on health care reform. The reconciliation bill, if it ever sees the light of day, will be so watered down that few voters will feel its effects.

    Like Obama with health care reform, delaying a vote just gives an army of corporate lobbyists to attack on many fronts. e.g. “death panels” then, “national debt” now. And, of course, there’s our King Manchin harping on means testing, which provides benefits only to “the most needy” and is well known to erode broad support for programs that benefit “those people.” Like Lieberman torpedoed Obama. Biden’s refusal to take on the filibuster or simply get rid of the parliamentarian due to his respect for the traditions of the Senate is idiotic. Would never stop Mitch, as we saw in the Garland nomination. It’s just another example of tragic, pathetic Dem weakness in Obama’s failure to fight for a vote on his nominee. But he set that precedent early in his first term, leaving nominees like Dawn Johnsen twisting in the wind.

    These new polls are very bad news and, IMHO, not to be taken lightly. The Dem party continues its tradition of stupidly and impotently seeking bi-partisanship and of backing “centrists” (who are actually conservatives) against progressives in primaries, (and later regretting support for these quislings).

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