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Via Business Insiders: Koch boys do what they’re told!

Senator Joe Manchin raised over $400,000 from donors in the energy industry in the third quarter, including some from donors that normally give to Republicans, according to his latest filing with the Federal Election Commission.

Manchin has opposed certain climate-related stipulations within the Democrats’ proposed $3.5 trillion infrastructure bill. The legislation also includes expanded safety net programs for workers and families, lower prescription drug prices, and billions of dollars toward healthcare benefits for seniors.

Democrats have been trying to rein in certain aspects of the bill — including its overall cost — to appease moderates like Manchin, as well as Sen. Kyrsten Sinema of Arizona, according to Bloomberg.

Manchin, who is from West Virginia, also owns millions of dollars in coal stocks. West Virginia is the second-largest producer of coal in the US, according to the West Virginia Office of Energy.

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  1. Between 2000 and 2020 the American bumblebee population declined by 89%

    Eight states no longer have a single bumblebee.
    Maine, RI, New Hampshire, Vermont, Idaho, North Dakota, Wyoming and Oregon once had large bumblebee populations, but today they have zero bees.

    Climate change and pesticides are the two main causes for the declining bumblebee population.

    Thanks Joe and Krysten.

  2. When Manchin was first elected in 1982, coal jobs made up 16% of WV payrolls. Hasn’t been like that in decades now.

    Paul Krugman
    Oct 16
    Future historians — if there are any future historians, that is, if civilization doesn’t collapse — will be astonished that we let the planet burn for the sake of an industry that employs less than 3 percent of workers even in West Virginia

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