One thought on “Panhandle Slim… Art for Folk…

  1. Capitalists claim that competition controls the price of stuff.
    For-profit companies, especially monopolies like Amazon, Facebook, and Google, will usually charge whatever price the consumer will bear.
    Government doesn’t control the price of anything unless there is a national emergency.

    In the real world OPEC sets the price of oil. (Which we shouldn’t be burning anyway.)
    The price of oil impacts the price/cost of everything else.
    From the farmer to the supermarket and from steel and plastic to cars and toys.

    Don’t blame inflation or the price of stuff on the government.

    Everybody on FOX, OAN, Newsmax and most of the other networks who tows the Republican Big Lie Party line and speaks about the ongoing economic situation in the country is a bald faced liar and they know it.

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