2 thoughts on “Baby, I promise this time will be different

  1. Now that the wrath of god has been visited upon the head of poor, old Joe “the Hypocrite” Manchin he’s bitterly complaining that it was the double-dealing WH staff
    that tanked Biden’s BBB and that they are now out trying to “assassinate” him.
    As Harry Caray used to say, “Holy cow!!”

    Joe “the Hypocrite” doesn’t like the green energy section of BBB or the increase in taxes on his robber baron buddies or the expansion of Medicare or the cost of the bill.
    Joe “the Hypocrite” wants to spend $1.5 trillion over 10 years and not $2 trillion.
    (Although Joe “the Hypocrite” is quite willing to spend $7.5 trillion on military spending over 10 year and add tens of billions to the deficit and debt.)

    Joe “the Hypocrite” Manchin couldn’t care less about the people of West Virginia (or the American people) because if he did West Virginia wouldn’t be the second poorest state in the country just ahead of Mississippi.

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