Voting with their feet

There’s no easy answer. How do parents work from home AND monitor their kids’ online classes? Maybe if everyone wore masks and got vaccines, there might be an end in sight.

2 thoughts on “Voting with their feet

  1. As a parent of a high schooler, I would say that my kid is pretty smart and independent and could handle online school just fine without my assistance.

    But in reality, online school has been a mental health disaster. At the age when kids are trying to figure out who they are and how they fit into the world, in-person interaction seems to be really really important.

    And I can imagine how hard it must be for parents of elementary-age students. I expect that they essentially become the teacher for their kids based on an online lesson plan. How you can work and monitor an elementary schooler is beyond me.

    Get vaccinated, people!

  2. One thing seems certain, the future of virtual learning looks bleak for the investor class.
    Covid-19 through its various incarnations including Omicron has been diluted to the point of being endemic if you’ve been vaccinated. All others beware.

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