Winter fund drive

Cash 1-22-15 months

Isn’t he adorable? His name is Cash — and coincidentally, that’s what this old blogger is asking for: Cash. Moolah. Buckaroonies.

I used to have this reader who, whenever I would do a fundraiser, would leave a comment saying she couldn’t believe bloggers had the nerve to ask people to fund their “hobby.” This is not my hobby, guys. It’s a public service, and it’s work. When the rest of you knock off at 5 or so, the second part of my day is just beginning.

(Please note: I stopped running ads, especially not the nasty popups that block what you’re trying to read.)

What news on the interwebs is interesting enough to bring to your attention? (I sometimes describe myself as a “news concierge.” The service I offer you is the ability to ignore the news as much as you want, because odds are, if something’s all that important, you can trust I’m going to bring it to your attention.

So if you value the digging I do, or enjoy the old and new tunes I provide, please send some of your hard-earned dollars my way. I do appreciate it.

Venmo: @Susan-Madrak-1

Or you can donate to Paypal here.




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