Meet the new boss

Same as the old boss! I don’t know why anyone’s surprised. These insular “meritocracies” generally promote from the same template. You get the occasional black swan (like Pope Francis, who was supposed to be a pleasant, transitional pope), but like almost always produces like.

One thought on “Meet the new boss

  1. Baquet and Kahn are the Establishment.

    Speaking of which, the Progressive Caucus endorsed a pro-corporate, moderate instead of a qualified Progressive Nina Turner in Ohio’s 11 District.
    Rep. Shontel Brown beat Nina Turner in last August’s Democratic primary with the help of Big money donations from big corporations, Republicans, and pro-Zionist hawks and she recently received the backing of the Progressive Caucus.

    Shontel Brown is an Establishment politician, and the Democratic Progressive Caucus has aliened itself with Establish Democrats.
    What say you AOC?

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