How private equity looted America

One thought on “How private equity looted America

  1. Private equity money is neither transparent nor regulated.
    The object of Capitalism is to create a monopoly. “It’s good to be the King.”
    All of the largest congressional private equity investors listed by MJ are warmongers. Odds are that all of the others in congress who are private equity investors are warmongers as well.

    Sometimes non-participating congressional private equity investors reveal themselves obliquely.

    Fascist Independent Rand Paul is holding up the $40 billion aid package to Ukraine in the Senate.

    Fascist Republican Representative from Texas, Michael Burgess asked on Wednesday, “Honestly, do we not deserve a plan?
    Does the administration not need to come to us (Congress) with where we are going with this?”

    Yesterday the Mayor of Mariupol said that his city has been turned into a “Medieval ghetto.”

    What is the plan, and would the US acquiesce to another countries demand that our sitting president leave office and end their term prematurely?

    Finish President Sauli Niinsto (Fascist) should be careful what he asks for. Before making the decision to get into NATO maybe he should hold a private meeting with Zelensky?

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