Tax them

One thought on “Tax them

  1. More calls for violence from Fascist Evangelical Christians.

    Last week Fascist Republican Governor Ron DeSantis’ Secretary of State Laurel Lee resigned to run in Florida’s 15th Congressional District.

    Yesterday DeSantis replaced Lee with State Representative Cord Byrd.

    State Rep. Carlos Smith tweeted, “Florida’s elections will be overseen by a QAnon conspiracy theorist.”
    State Rep. Angie Nixon tweeted, “DeSantis chose someone who will attempt to weaponize government against his political enemies.
    The idea that he will be in charge of the governor’s election police force should be a frightening thought for every Floridian.”

    In January 2021 DeSantis put Byrd’s wife Esther on the state Board of Education.
    After the attempted coup on January 6, Esther Byrd tweeted, “There are only 2 teams. With Us (or) Against Us.”

    Dante must have had Florida in mind when he wrote the Inferno.

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