Good trouble

They’re more angry at Beto than they are over all those dead kids:

One thought on “Good trouble

  1. According to Fascist Republicans–many of whom were yelling insults at O’Rourke from the stage yesterday–the solution to the rampant and deadly gun violence in America is to buy more guns and harden our soft targets.

    The more guns America owns the less safe America gets.
    We own 44% of all of the world’s guns.
    Gun violence kills 166 of every 100,000 Americans every year.
    In Yemen, which is in the middle of a civil war, 66 of every 100,000 Yeminis die of gun violence.

    The Fascists solution to this murder of innocents is for more American gun ownership and turning our public and private spaces into armed fortresses.
    “Arm our schoolteachers,” the Fascists say.
    Have open carry laws on the books in every state in the union they recommend.

    The Fascists answer to the gun problem in America sounds eerily similar to revisiting the Dark Ages (AD 500-1100) for old times’ sake.

    [After the Parkland shooting in 2018 then Fascist governor Rick Scott signed a bill that made it illegal to buy a gun until the age of 21 and set up “red flag” triggers.
    Scott did not ban the sale of military-style assault weapons.
    Texas should adopt the Florida law and add a ban on the sale of assault weapons.]

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