Twitter going bye-bye

Experts say it will probably collapse by the end of the week, and this will make my life a whole lot harder. (For one thing, you could get breaking news faster on Twitter than most publications.) And the new alternatives are much slower and more cumbersome.

For another, because Twitter’s code renders pictures and videos when you use them in a post, it was a wonderfully easy way to sidestep a major problem for online sites: namely, international bounty hunters who do nothing but file lawsuits for each time a site uses an image to which they don’t own the rights.

So this will be a real pain in the ass. I’m already spread thin, what with two other jobs and trying to function with long covid. Just understand why you won’t see much visual interest on the site.

(I do have this one app that delivers copyright-free photos, but it’s not comprehensive and lately I just get error codes. Oh well!)