What season is this?

I can’t even tell anymore. It’s going up to 55 today.

This make my life easier in one key respect: It’s a lot easier to leave the physical therapy facility after being in the pool. I can just throw my clothes on top of my swimsuit and drive home. (After putting a towel on the driver’s seat, of course.)

The aqua therapy was a Hail Mary pass, anyway. It can’t hurt, but I’m agnostic on whether this helps me.

Although it’s only 10 minutes away (a plus!), the PT facility I go to is a real dump, and the young therapists seem to be more interested in each other than the patients. There’s a thin line of black mold all around the lining of the pool, and the bathroom/changing room looks like it was designed for an athlete’s foot commercial.

I was spoiled by the last place I went to, which was great. They had a therapist work with me during each entire session to correct my form, and they raised the level of work as we went. It really helped with my core strength. The dressing room had private lockers and three well-kept showers. (Yay!)

I didn’t go back this time because they’re not wearing masks. In fact, they seemed shocked when I asked. “But you’re welcome to wear a mask,” the receptionist helpfully told me when I called.

A healthcare facility where no one’s wearing a mask during another covid wave. Sheesh.

So here I am, at the dump. Where they wear masks, sort of. One of the receptionists is forever pulling her mask down and wearing it as a chin diaper; I’m forever telling her, “I’m here because you have a mask rule. It doesn’t work if it doesn’t cover your nose.” (“Oh sorry, I forgot,” she always says sheepishly.)

The therapist told me what to do in the pool the first day, and that was pretty much it. I have a list of the exercises on my phone; I don’t know if I have the number of repetitions right, or whether I missed one. But if it wasn’t for my list, I could probably stand there the entire time and no one would say a thing.

And so it goes.








2 thoughts on “What season is this?

  1. I wouldn’t worry about doing the exact right exercises. For one thing, I find that the dx is often wrong, or you end up strengthening something that is already too strong relative to other related muscle groups. 2ndly it is always better to also do things above & below the effected area. Just moving around in the water is worthwhile. I do a bunch of stuff at chest level, but also do some things in the shallow section where I can be on my knees, or use the steps, or be seated. Just be creative and trust yourself.

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