Gone fishin’

jameson in walker

Not fishing, exactly. But I’m spending the weekend at the beach with the Cutest Baby In The Entire World(TM), so enjoy your holiday! If you see me in the Asbury Park/Bradley Beach/Long Branch area, wave hello.

Prisoner of New York

New York

So I went up to Brooklyn for a family event Saturday. My other son was supposed to drive, but his license expired. And then the GPS stopped working, then took me the wrong way, through the Lincoln Tunnel instead of the Holland, and I had to drive through Times Square and the rest of Manhattan to get to Brooklyn. Oh, plus my EZPass ran out of money and I was stranded in a toll lane with cars backing up behind me, honking their horns and screaming at me.

All this took me an extra hour. But then I got to hold my grandson, so that part was worth it.

Oy, what a day.

I won’t go into details, but today was like one extended “Lucy” episode and I never did get to New York to see my grandchild. And since my car isn’t fixed yet, I probably won’t get there for a couple of weeks, at least. (Can’t get a rental car. Long story.)

Nothing worse than grandmotherly feelings with no place to put them.

Baby cakes


We had a Beatles theme for Saturday’s baby shower and I had a problem: Namely, the cake. How was I ever going to get a Yellow Submarine cake? The local custom bakery wanted $200!

So I got a regular cake and I hacked it. I added some additional icing (the dark blue), I stuck a Yellow Submarine Christmas ornament into a wave, and added some under-the-sea themed decorations I found in the supermarket. I think it came out pretty well, and a good time was had by all.

Baby shower

beatles sub

Tomorrow is the big baby shower for my daughter-in-law. I pretty much ignored her registry (I’m the grandmother, I get to do that) and got the things I believe my grandchild should have: books, music, and pretty things to look at.

Plus, the shower has a Beatles theme. It’s very important to me that he understand his roots. (That’s why I got him a Beatles onesie.) Just 10 more weeks and I get to meet him!

Project Grandma


I bought my first grandmotherly item at a yard sale yesterday. It was an impulse item, a cute little baby reclining seat — $3. I get it in the car, and by the time I’ve driven the mile back to my house, the interior is beginning to smell a lot like skunk. Or no, wait — cat. It smells like fucking cat spray. Ugh. (Come to think of it, the young hipster mother I bought it from did look like a cat person.)

I get it home and figure, first of all, I’ll fill up the tub with hot water and detergent, see how that works. It didn’t. Although this is when I discover the battery compartment; apparently it’s got a vibrating seat, and I’ve just soaked the shit out of it. So I take the batteries out and spray the compartment with alcohol to dry it out.

Now I’m at work on the interwebs, and discover there’s all kinds of commercial items to clean cat spray. (I just don’t have any of them.) Someone suggests throwing it in the wash with baking soda and peroxide, and this seems to do the trick.

But this morning, I’m still getting a tiny whiff of cat pheromones. I sprayed the damn thing with Fabreze and now it’s sitting down in my hallway. If this doesn’t do the trick, it’s going to the thrift store. Maybe a cat person will buy it.