Oy, what a day.

I won’t go into details, but today was like one extended “Lucy” episode and I never did get to New York to see my grandchild. And since my car isn’t fixed yet, I probably won’t get there for a couple of weeks, at least. (Can’t get a rental car. Long story.)

Nothing worse than grandmotherly feelings with no place to put them.

4 thoughts on “Oy, what a day.

  1. What about trains and buses?
    We’ve gone between Philly and NY, and back, several times on public transportation with no problem.

  2. I can’t handle that many public transit line changes in a strange place. It makes me highly anxious, and when I get highly anxious, I get confused and end up misreading the schedules, going the wrong way, or otherwise screwing up. It’s an ADD thing.

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