Stochastic terrorism

It appears the person of interest was a Qnut who believed the 5G network was going to be used to spy on Americans — when it was just something else the telecom industry is going to use to bleed us financially dry:


Oh sure

I’m probably wrong, but I suspect even some of his fans here wouldn’t like this. Wishful thinking!

Draw your own conclusions

This is such a timely coincidence

The way of the terrorist number one: what is told in the diary of bin Laden

I’m sure the Trump administration wouldn’t dream of ginning up evidence of a connection between Iran and Al Qaeda — would they?

The trove also provides new insight into the often adversarial relationship between al Qaeda and Iran — the Sunni Muslim terror group and the Shiite republic — in the form of a 19-page report described by the Long War Journal as “a senior jihadist’s assessment of the group’s relationship with Iran.”

Two U.S. intelligence officials characterized the document to NBC News as “evidence of Iran’s support of al Qaeda’s war with the United States.”

According to the officials, the document traces the history of the relationship starting with the escape of a group of Al Qaeda officials and their families from Afghanistan following the U.S. invasion in September 2001. Bin Laden dispatched the group of Al Qaeda leaders, known as the Al Qaeda Management Council, to Iran.

At various points in the relationship, the document reveals, Iran offered Al Qaeda help, in the form of “money, arms” and “training in Hezbollah camps in Lebanon, in exchange for striking American interests in Saudi Arabia and the Gulf.”

But at other points in the relationship, according to the document, there were angry rifts, leading to forced detention of key Al Qaeda officials.

The files confirm previous reports that Bin Laden wrote Iran’s Ayatollah Khamenei demanding the release of family members held in Iranian custody. Bin Laden himself considered plans to counter Iran’s influence throughout the Middle East, which he viewed as pernicious, according to the Long War Journal, an account confirmed by the U.S. officials.

Truck terror attacks are very hard to stop

The NYC terror attack suspect had been planning for weeks and did it 'in the name of ISIS,' NYPD says

People saw this coming. In the aftermath of the attack in lower Manhattan yesterday, I was reminded of a conversation I had almost a year ago with a veteran counterterrorism chief in Madrid. He had just written a report to his superiors warning about the urgent threat that terrorists would use trucks or cars to mow people down in public places. Continue reading “Truck terror attacks are very hard to stop”