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Who Do You Love?

I walked 47 miles of barbed wire/Used a cobra snake for a neck tie

It’s a tough song to do right. You have to have a tombstone hand and a graveyard mind. More here.

You and I

Stevie Wonder:

I’ve got this friend

The Civil Wars:


Shawn Colvin:

Valentine’s Day

When this song first came out, Steve Earle said it was about how he couldn’t buy anything for his wife because he was wearing an ankle bracelet under house arrest – so he wrote her this song. Which I thought was pretty cool at the time, but he divorced her shortly thereafter and got married again to someone else. (He’s been married seven times, including twice to the same woman. His past relationships have been, shall we say, problematic.) But the thing about bad boys is that they frequently make great art – and if they don’t, they’re not worth the time and trouble.

I have to admit, if Steve Earle wrote me this song, I’d marry him again, too.

Chapel of love

Dixie Cups:

Song for you

Leon Russell:

Happy Valentines Day, from Scrapple TV

On this oh-so-spayshul-day, AP Ticker shares a Valentine’s day reminisce with you.

Ain’t love grand?

Secret heart


Isn’t it romantic?

The Valentine’s Day ad aired during the Super Bowl, to make sure it reached the maximum number of sophisticates. The girl in the ad is a famous foreign model — “super-hot,” as they say on the sports radio stations. You know she’s hot stuff because the background music sounds like someone is having sex, or shooting meth. More here.

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