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To understand how right-wing the major political parties in America are, it helps to read the foreign press. This from The Guardian:

… [Bernie Sanders’] beliefs… would fit comfortably in the middle left of Britain’s Labour party or Germany’s SPD. But it is impossible to over-state just how much of a political death sentence being called a “socialist” – never mind actually proudly proclaiming it – usually is in America…

More here.

Eric Cantor march at Penn

Occupy goes to the Ivy League:

A question for the ages

One of the best bands ever. Get their albums if you don’t believe me. There were only three of them — albums, that is:

Always on my mind

Willie Nelson:

You guessed it: the Koch brothers!

It’s official

I just filed my paperwork with the local credit union, and I’m done with big banks. The branch manager said business is booming over the Bank of America debit card fee. The advantage I see with big banks is technology — Citibank allows you to take a picture of a check with your cell phone and deposit it without going to the bank — but he told me they’re working on it now and should have that service within the next six months.

The thing they have that my big bank didn’t? I can make deposits with a debit card. Woo hoo!

Protesters called for George W. Bush’s arrest in Canada yesterday. Why not? The ICC will never arrest Bush as he “clears brush” in Crawford, TX, but maybe it will nab him someday as he steps off an airplane outside the United States. Not likely, but maybe. More here.

The mayor of Medford NJ

Who is so totally not gay!

Nice Polite Republicans

Every time they do something like this, some former supporter ends up sending me or other bloggers a fat check. Because really, who wants to support them when they do shit like this?

I hate banks

Mojo Nixon and Skid Roper:

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