Contaminated garlic

From HowGood in Brooklyn:

In the wake of Sandy, as our new offices sat empty, I took a walk along the East River in Greenpoint, Brooklyn, just around the corner from the HowGood offices. At the end of Greenpoint Avenue, on the south side of the street, a company called Fresh and Super garlic (see photo), which imports garlic from China, was flooded by the river last night. The scene taking place this morning involved their employees taking out the food that was soaked by the rising waters of the East River. The boxes were falling apart and no plastic was used to protect the garlic inside. They were drying out the garlic and repackaging it. I explained to them about the contaminants that come from the East River, which include feces and a host of environmental spills that have caused NYC to prohibit fishing in the river due to health concerns. Their manager ignored me.

We are reaching out to the Food Safety and Inspection Department in Brooklyn, but because of the storm, they are currently not reachable. I am continuing to talk to the different groups that take care of these issues, but again, because of the storm, most are overwhelmed with requests.

I have no guarantee that the company went through with selling these boxes of garlic, but I do know that I would not buy the Fresh and Super garlic brand for a long time to come.


Since GoDaddy is such a big Republican donor:

The domain registration website GoDaddy on Wednesday suspended the domains of a Republican-connected firm that sent anti-Obama text messages to cell phone users in the Washington, D.C. area last night, according to The Hill newspaper. The messages, sent by ccAdvertising of Virginia, covered topics like abortion, MediCare and same-sex marriage and were sent from email addresses from the domains and

While the firm’s identify was originally hidden, GoDaddy revealed the registration information because the websites were “suspended for spam and abuse.” The sites were registered by ccAdvertising chief operating officer Jason Flanary, a Republican who ran for Virginia state senate in 2011.

Fascism grows

In an empty belly. Keep an eye on Greece, because this is some scary shit:

The Golden Dawn office in downtown Athens is open three evenings a week. Most of the visitors are middle-aged women with dull eyes and sunken cheeks, faces too old for their bodies, hardened, tired expressions. More than 50 come in an hour. Quietly, they ask the bouncers, “Are they giving out food inside?” “Third floor,” the bouncers say; but most of the women come out empty-handed save for a mauve piece of paper with the Golden Dawn logo on it. There’s only enough today for voters from this ward; they’ll announce the next distribution on a poster, in the papers, if you phone.

Away from the door, Maria Kirimi tells me she’s been locked out of her flat with all her things inside since 29 July; the family are crowded at her mother’s now, seven people surviving on €400 a month. “We’re the living dead,” she says. Isn’t she troubled by Golden Dawn’s violence? “The boys in the black shirts are the only ones I’m not scared of. I feel they’ll protect me.” I ask her mother, old enough to remember the junta, what she thinks of their far-right views. “I heard Michaloliakos say on TV that their sign isn’t Hitler’s sign but a patriotic one,” she says, and then looks down at her feet. “It does upset me a bit. But I haven’t heard of anyone else giving out food.”

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