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Owner of a South Jersey bridal salon refuses to sell woman a wedding dress because she’s a lesbian.

At the Bank

Nice little color piece this morning about the Phillies fans who live in the neighborhood of Citizens Bank Park.

Class warfare

Now why do you suppose a right-wing billionaire is so invested in Michelle Rhee and the destruction of public education?

In his new book, Class Warfare, Steven Brill confirms that Michelle Rhee is being funded by Rupert Murdoch. Murdoch, CEO of News Corp., is currently embroiled in a growing cell phone hacking scandal. Rhee’s mentor, Joel Klein, serves as Murdoch’s chief legal counsel. News Corp is the parent company of far-right FoxNews.

Last month Rhee refused to confirm or deny whether she and her front group had taken Murdoch money.

According to credible sources, Rhee took as much as $50M from Murdoch.

More songs about buildings and bikes

I was still a bit edgy three weeks after my bicycle was stolen. But then an ancient new wave song came on the radio and filled my head with groovy ironic art school vibes, and I knew “The Good Thing” must be just around the corner

My life is right

Big Star:

I can’t get it out of my head


What would you do with YOUR 12K?

According to a recent Brown University study, the Iraq and Afghanistan wars and their ripple effects have cost the United States $3.7 trillion, or more than $12,000 per American.

Philly, listen up

The unChristians of the Westboro Baptist Church plan to demonstrate at tomorrow’s funeral for Michael Strange, the Philadelphia Navy Seal who was killed last week. This kid grew up only a few minutes from my house, and it really galls me that they’re coming here.

So if you’re around, please take part in building a human wall around the family:

A few days ago, Michael Strange, a cryptologic technician and Navy SEAL, was killed when his Chinook helicopter was shot down by a rocket-propelled grenade. It was the single deadliest day for U.S. forces in the nearly 10-year war in Afghanistan. Thirty Americans, including Navy SEAL commandos from the unit that killed Osama bin Laden, were killed, and 8 Afghans. Michael Strange was 25, engaged to be married, and due to come home in November.

Thursday is his funeral, and there are plans to disrupt it. Yes, the Westboro Baptist “Church” is planning to picket. The “Church” (read quote marks as my disrespect) is unnaturally obsessed with homosexuality. Their signs, tiresome, repetitive and unwelcome, read: God Hates Fags. Their flyer refers to Petty Officer Strange as a “fallen fool”. And it ends with the words: Thank God for IEDs. That’s improvised explosive device. That’s what killed him.

Bill Brown, of Veterans for Education is a progressive. He reads Blue Jersey. So when I saw his call for fellow vets – Bill was a Navy SEAL, too – to join him at Strange’s funeral tomorrow, I reached out. He wants to cordon off Strange’s mourners from the sight of the God Hates Fags people, to create a zone of privacy and respect for the family of a fallen brother in arms. Veterans and non-veterans are invited. Personal politics doesn’t matter.

The U.S. Supreme Court rules Westboro has a legal right to do this. But where funerals are concerned, particularly for soldiers, communities have surrounded the grieving family to keep around them the zone of dignity they deserve. We’ve written about that in Moorestown, here and here, and in Cherry Hill.

Where: Cathedral of St. Peter & Paul, 1723 Race Street, Philadelphia.
Google map here.
When: Thursday 2:15pm (funeral is 3pm).

Look for: Bill Brown – wearing brown wool Irish cap and wearing a green Battle Dress Uniform top marked BROWN. He’ll be holding a flag.

Bring: An American flag, if you can.

What to do: Just stand and be respectful of the family’s privacy, create a buffer zone of respect. Show the dignity the “church” will not.


Anne Hathaway with a rap song she wrote about being hounded by paparazzi:

The Ward Cleaver presidency

What Digby said.

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