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In the continuing saga of me trying to get a good night’s sleep in my bedroom, the air conditioner mold is really bad. (Did I mention I’m allergic to it?)

The whole room reeks of it. I’ve wiped and washed everything I can, but I feel it every morning when I wake up. Arghh.

Lower testosterone

This makes sense.

The revolving door

Maybe we should stop giving money to candidates and just hire our own lobbyists.

Breaking news

Iran president says he will pardon two American hikers held since 2009.

Two-tier wages

Seems like everything’s headed this way, thanks to the bankers and their greed.

Ten years later, still in a dark age

The shame of it is that Osama bin Laden was counting on America to react in a disastrously foolish way to the 9/11 attacks, and no one in government was clever or cool-headed enough to disappoint him

Love and hard times

Paul Simon:

Take Stuff from Work

‘Let him die’

Everything you need to know about the Tea bagger candidates and their supporters:


Joni Mitchell:

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