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USAirways is the largest carrier in Philadelphia:

Air travelers may end up losing big in a deal that would create the largest airline in the U.S., consumer advocates told The Huffington Post, after various leaks this week suggested such a merger was imminent.

Reports in the financial media Thursday and Friday noted that after months of complicated haggling, US Airways and the bankrupt parent company of American Airlines were almost ready to announce a corporate marriage.

The merger would create the largest U.S. airline by revenue, and it has been encouraged by creditors and employees in both airlines as a positive step.

But frequent flyers should be wary of the developments, according to Paul Hudson, a board member at airline consumers’ advocacy group FlyersRights.org. The deal “is unlikely to be good for consumers,” he said.

Shark tank

I watched the show for the first time the other night, and I was appalled by one segment. A nice young couple came out with a nice, attractive sippy cup that had a bendable straw that allowed your kid to get all the liquid out of the bottom of the cup, it was made with plastic that wouldn’t disrupt your kid’s hormones, and it was made in the good old U.S.A. — on purpose. This couple wanted to make an American product. Good for them!

One of the vulture capitalists was quite insistent that the product should be made in China because it was cheaper. The wife explained that moms went into children’s stores and said, “Show me what you have that isn’t made in China.”

The vulture capitalist looked annoyed. Why would they do that? he wanted to know. (Oh, I dunno, maybe their habit of lying about hazardous ingredients to make products CHEAPER FOR PEOPLE LIKE HIM?) You could tell he didn’t believe her, either.

And it never even occurred to him that some of us are willing to pay extra to keep jobs in America.

This is why we’re so fucked. Fucked, fucked, fucked.

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