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Bloomberg backs off

UPDATE: Five thousand people jam Zuccotti Park and Bloomberg backs down – for now.

I’ve got you under my skin

Ella Fitzgerald:

With a song in my heart

Dinah Washington:

Well-sharpened, and ready

If you are the big tree/ We are the small axe/ Ready to cut you down…

What I like about Bob Marley is that he didn’t have to try to deafen you with power chords to sound dangerous.

What would Jello do?

Jello Biafra on Occupy Wall Street:

It’s an occupation, not a picnic

Mayor Bloomberg’s ploy to end Occupy Wall Street tomorrow morning isn’t fooling anyone. It looks like the occupiers have no intention of voluntarily surrendering their First Amendment rights.

Poverty in the burbs

Where they’re least prepared for it.

Conflict at @occupyphilly

Looks like the mayor may have lied to them about an open-ended permit.

De-occupying New York

Mayor Mike Bloomberg just said he’s going to use the police to effectively end “Occupy Wall Street” Friday morning. New rules were passed out this morning prohibiting tarps, sleeping bags and “lying down”.

Call Mayor Bloomberg at 212-NEW-YORK (212-639-9675) now and tell him that since we know his girlfriend’s on the board of Zuccotti Park, we know he’s behind this. Remind him about the First Amendment.

Even Tucson is occupied

It’s coming to your town, even in the reddest state, if you make it happen:

In an interview with Current TV’s liberal news host Keith Olbermann on Wednesday night, “Occupy Tucson” organizer Craig Barber gave viewers a few tips on how they can start new chapters of the protest movement in their own towns and cities.

Namely, he hit on a political meme that runs like a constant thread through U.S. history: all politics is local.

“Don’t be discouraged by the fact that you’re a small city,” he said. “You have local issues that you can raise up in addition to the national issues. That’s one of the reasons we’re doing what we’re doing, to highlight local issues that directly affect our community.”

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