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Walking on sunshine

Katrina and the Waves:

I feel for you

Chaka Khan was one of the best live shows I’ve ever seen:

Haven’t met you yet

Yeah, yeah, whatever. I’m not a fucking hipster and I like this song!

Oh look

A Florida sheriff saves his county $1M by de-privatizing jail. Hmm…


Seems like someone should do something!

Beware of nature

Probably a good idea to keep kids away from petting zoos!

The obvious

Seems to elude this administration.

Harder, faster, longer

Frat-boy economics continues, with even more dismal results. Harder! Faster! Longer!

Oh, and what Dave Johnson says.

The America we want

Sign the petition here.

Just hold your breath

Of course, that might be hard for asthmatics, but hey, survival of the fittest!

President Obama abruptly pulled back proposed new national smog standards Friday morning, overruling the Environmental Protection Agency’s efforts to compel states and communities nationwide to reduce local air pollution in the coming years or face federal penalties.

The move represented a win for the business community, which had lobbied to postpone new restrictions on ground-level ozone—known as smog—until 2013 in light of the current economic downturn.

In a statement, Obama praised EPA administrator Lisa P. Jackson’s effort to improve the nation’s air quality, but said he had asked her to withdraw the draft standards since they were scheduled to be reconsidered two years from now anyway.

I guess I should note here that it’s utter bullshit, and driven by the apparent decision of Obama’s campaign advisors not to allow anything to happen that might even theoretically be used against them by the Republicans. As if, you know, we won’t notice how many people don’t have jobs.

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