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March to Union Square

Occupy Wall Street today:

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The one I love


What’s your favorite baseball movie?

A discussion at Salon. They left out one of my favorites, the original “Angels In The Outfield,” the movie that made this little girl fall in love with baseball – and newspapers.

What would you pick?


Solyndra “scandal.”


DFA is having a contest to pick the biggest heroes and villains in the House and Senate. The winners will get paid advertising campaigns run for or against them. Vote here!


Ray Lamontagne:

Remember Dr. Doom?

Who got it right about the crash, but no one would listen? Here’s what he’s saying now:

The odds have risen sharply this week of a fresh financial crisis that will plunge the global economy into a major depression, as policymakers fall far short of the radical measures needed to address the fast approaching storm, economist Nouriel Roubini warned yesterday.

Roubini, an economist famed for having correctly predicted the 2008 global financial crisis, told Emerging Markets last night in a telephone interview that the chances of a chaotic breakup of the eurozone had soared, as world leaders failed to take meaningful action to combat the risks posed by rapidly escalating financial market tensions and a worsening global economic outlook.

Policymakers continued to focus on the threat to the eurozone posed by Greece, when the locus of the crisis had shifted to Italy and Spain, he said. “At this point it’s not any more about Greece or Ireland or Portugal. The contagion has spread to Italy and Spain.”
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Kenny Rankin:

Because no one likes to be spied on

Here’s an alternative search engine!

After the storm

Mumford & Sons:

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