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A star is born

A sweet, shy kid named Janet Devlin, 16, from Northern Ireland, appearing on the X Factor. (My son told me I had to listen to her.)

Here’s one of her YouTube videos:

Check out this from The Economist in case you’re still wondering about the future of mass-produced hard-copy books…

Still here

Watch live streaming video from globalrevolution at livestream.com

Want to help?

The protesters are still camping in at Wall Street. If you want to help, you can send them a pizza!


The boys:

I shall be released

Joe Cocker:

This isn’t going away

And it isn’t just the Middle East. They want a revolution? They’re going to get one:

Occupy Wall Street protests

Please notice: Al Jazeera covers this. Your corporate media doesn’t. Oh, and live updates here.

This world is crazy

I can’t even bear to read most of the crap that passes for political commentary these days, because the people who write it have so successfully insulated themselves from what the rest of us are suffering.

However: Fall is (unofficially) here, the Phils are in the playoffs, and before you know it: pumpkin pie! So there’s that.

What lifts your heart in these troubled times?

Helplessly hoping


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