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Never underestimate the apathy, ignorance or sheer stupidity of young American consumers, especially the “hip” ones:

…There are a few reasonable explanations for why the Urban Outfitters Romney tees exist, actually. For one thing, Urban Outfitters (which also owns Anthropologie and Free People) is owned by a far-right conservative, Richard Hayne. All that youthful, vaguely hippie-feeling merchandise in his stores? That’s just a way to make some dough – dough that Hayne, in turn, gives to right-wing politicians like Rick Santorum. For Hayne, the young people and lefties who shop in his stores are just chumps to whom he can sell $69 peace-sign tank tops while supporting conservative politics.

Now the company is selling shirts that represent Hayne’s political perspective while appealing to hipsters’ penchant for irony, with slogans like “Mitt Is the Shit” and “2 Legit 2 Mitt.” Ironic conservatism: hilarious(ly stupid)! As Salon’s Mary Elizabeth Williams put it:

What’s revolting about the latest Urban Outfitters gambit is its sneaky ploy of making conservatism seem so uncool it’s cool, all funny and retro and Kelly Kapowski. Which, in turn, is how some doofus winds up using his chest as free advertising for a candidate he’d otherwise never in a million years vote for…


Yeah, I’m gonna go with Reich. I don’t think SCOTUS will overturn the Affordable Care Act. I think they’ll fiddle with it (as in, striking the mandate but letting the test stand), but the last thing the conservative majority wants are the scary words “Medicare for all.” Which is the next step if they get rid of this.

Plus, I do think they’re starting to realize just how bad their reputations are, and their egos won’t want this as the nail in the coffin. We’ll see today if I’m right.

Blue Dogs

Thirty of them rumored to be voting to hold Eric Holder in contempt.

If we do take the House again, watch for people like this to act like the little tin dictators they are.

In the meantime, the Congressional Black Caucus will stage a walkout.

Can the others senators hear Sanders?

I often wonder how Bernie Sanders’ fellow senators are reacting when he’s on the floor, warning us for the umpteenth time that super-wealthy reactionaries, with much help from the Supreme Court, are snuffing out what was left of our democracy. Maybe they’re too busy conferring with lobbyists to hear the guy. Or they take long bathroom breaks when he gets up to speak. Or simply turn down their hearing aids.

More here.

Well of course we are

Russ Feingold:

“I believe we’re in a constitutional crisis.”


Another heat wave. Do I really have to tell you it’s a bad idea to exercise outdoors when it’s like this?

‘Hell in the rearview mirror’

Prayers going out to those in the path of the Colorado wildfires:

“I sat in traffic. It’s a memory I’ll never forget. I teared up as I scanned the surrounding cars. Everywhere were children, scared and crying, their parents looking deathly afraid and, in my rearview mirror, a view of the gates of hell.”

Fires elsewhere.

Author and “zipless fuck” pioneer Erica Jong is seventy years old now, and her brand of feminism looks a bit naive in perspective, but it’s a pleasure to read that her priorities are still in order. Here she is calling out the greedy, ideological shapeshifter Arianna Huffington for refusing to pay all those writers who helped make her online publication such a lucrative venture:

“The idea that everybody’s writing for free is hurting writing as a profession. I wrote many articles for Arianna when she was establishing her aggregator blog and attracting all those eyeballs.

When she got $300m from the AOL acquisition, I said, ‘OK, Arianna, we all helped you get there so now you’re going to pay writers.’ She said, ‘No, I pay my editors.’ I’ve known Arianna for years…

More here.

Oh dear

Republicans get so edgy when you out them. So many closet cases, so little time!

Brickyard blues

Maria Muldaur:

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