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Lover’s cross

Melanie covers Jim Croce:

Gone gone gone

Bad Company:

One on one

Daryl Hall with Matt Nathanson:

The one I love



Eric and all-stars:

9 crimes

Damien Rice:

Apartment story

The National:

15 seconds of fame

Jim’s Big Ego with a song composed entirely of tweets:


A little baby pig to cheer you up!

Walmart drives down American wages

Think Progress:

Walmart’s outsourcing of jobs is driving down wages at American factories, according to a report from the National Employment Law Project. Instead of employing its own factory employees, Walmart subcontracts many of the jobs to outside companies that have histories of low wages and labor violations, the report said. “These outsourced workers laboring on Walmart’s behalf toil at the bottom of a complex hierarchy of intermediaries and in alternative employment schemes that leave them vulnerable to significant worker rights abuses and unsure where to seek redress,” said the report, which also noted that workers at multiple Walmart-contracted facilities have sued their employers for violating minimum wage laws and cheating them out of pay.

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