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The Facebook bubble

A massive con job may be in progress, in the form of the coming Facebook IPO, which will supposedly value the company somewhere in the vicinity of $75 billion to $100 billion. More here.

Shame factor?

Apparently, enough people protested loudly enough to compel PA Gov. Tom Corbett to modify his mean-spirited plan to drastically cut the food stamps program.

Tuning out Newt’s noise

One Randy California guitar solo is worth more than a thousand political campaign speeches:

Newt’s new-found concern

Newt Gingrich is upset — downright indignant, it seems — because Mitt Romney is “not concerned about the very poor.” Even Jim DeMint is upset with Mittens.

Right. If you believe this, I know some hot new housing developments in Florida you’ll want to invest in.

From ThinkProgress:

…Despite all their new-found concern for the middle class and the poor, all three Republicans — Romney, Gingrich, and DeMint — support policies that would substantially undermine safety net programs and result in massive giveaways to upper-income earners and investors, while doing almost nothing for middle- and low-income Americans.

More on ‘Gasland’ arrests

Indiana’s union-busting law

Indiana Republicans have passed their “right-to-work” law. It was promptly signed by Gov. Mitch Daniels, who delivered the GOP’s rebuttal to this year’s State of the Union speech. The good news is that Daniels, a front man for corporate interests who has the looks and charisma of a soft-boiled egg, is in the final year of his term and can’t run again.

Also, ThinkProgress noted that Indiana had a “right-to-work” law on the books before, for eight years until is was overturned by the legislature in 1965. This time, Indiana Democrats fought passage of the new law by trying to make “right-to-work” a referendum issue…

…but Republicans, perhaps realizing that such a plan might lead to an ugly repeat of history, blocked those attempts. With studies showing that right-to-work is bad for workers and won’t actually help Indiana, however, Hoosiers may be yearning for a repeat of 1965 sooner rather than later.

Jump into the fire

Harry Nilsson:

Pink ribbons

A new documentary:

I already knew this

Nice that they’re catching up with the rest of us!

It’s time for the latest Piggie of the Week. Today: AP has a psychedelic awakening and lays down the law. Biblical law.

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