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Until you come back to me

Aretha and Stevie:

Stand by me

Playing For Change: Song Around the World “Stand By Me” from Playing For Change on Vimeo.

Love has no pride

Bonnie Raitt:

When Sunny gets blue

I first heard Kenny Rankin play this when I was in high school and just loved it:

Walk on by

Aretha’s version:

Captain St. Lucifer

Laura Nyro:


Part of the fun yesterday was watching the hordes of little kids at the music fest. Some of them got up on the stage and gyrated to the music; others climbed onto the speaker and just stood there, watching. Cartwheels, hill rolling, dancing, skipping (I loved skipping when I was a kid). So much fun!


Summer falls to the sidewalk like string and brown paper…

Joni Mitchell at the Cafe Au Go Go, 1967:

Progressively losing

This is a really, really long piece over at Naked Capitalism, and it’s just chock full of gold nuggets. Read, discuss! (Oh, and don’t skip the comments.)

More money = better than

Mr. Show:

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