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Jimi Hendrix:


Simon and Garfunkle:


That anyone who called themselves a journalist took part in this horrible thing. But then, they worked for Rupert Murdoch, who specializes in being a bottom feeder.


Talk about irony!


I hope I’m still dancing when I’m this old:

Something in the air

Thunderclap Newman:

Instant karma


Obama’s original sin

Frank Rich with a lengthy indictment of Obama’s governance. Go read all of it, it’s stunning:

“A nation cannot prosper long when it favors only the prosperous,” Obama declared at his inauguration. What he said on that bright January morning is no less true or stirring now. For all his failings since, he is the only one who can make this case. There’s nothing but his own passivity to stop him from doing so—and from shaking up the administration team that, well beyond the halfway-out-the-door Geithner and his Treasury Department, has showered too many favors on the prosperous. This will mean turning on his own cadre of the liberal elite. But it’s essential if he is to call the bluff of a fake man-of-the-people like Romney. To differentiate himself from the discredited Establishment, he will have to mount the fight he has ducked for the past three years.

The alternative is a failure of historic proportions. Those who gamed the economy to near devastation—so much so that the nation turned to an untried young leader in desperation and in hope—would once again inherit the Earth. Unless and until there’s a purging of the crimes that brought our president to his unlikely Inauguration Day, much more in America than the second term of his administration will be at stake.

Hungry heart

Bruce and the gang:

Dear Miss Manners

As I’ve mentioned, there is an upcoming family wedding. I’ve received broad hints from the bride’s mother that the Bride Does Not Approve of the gift I’ve selected for the couple. (The groom, however, does. I know this because he was so very enthusiastic when I asked if he’d like to get one.)

I am of the gift-giving philosophy (and Miss Manners backs me up) that I am not a delivery service. You may express your preferences, but I am in no way bound by them. (That is, after all, what makes it a gift, and not extortion.)
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