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I now have coffee on my screen……

This just may be the best headline for the week. They can turn a phrase over in Birmingham! LOL!

Obama: Love me, I’m a liberal

Phil Ochs has been dead for decades, but he has Barack Obama's number

How much longer are Robert Reich and other commentators going to pretend to be stunned by this spineless purveyor of false hope and empty promises? Right up till the election, no doubt. More here.

[I posted this one again because I didn’t link it correctly the first time. Sorry about that.]

Clean break

Jenny Owen Youngs:

She left me for Jesus

Hayes Carll:

Read it and weep

Crazy people, pushing us back to the past.

Old laughing lady

Neil Young busking on the streets of Glasgow, 1976:

Why Mitt’s stadium is empty

Imagine – it’s so bad, even Ezra is shocked.

One in a continuing series

Of people acting like fucking assholes, but other people stepping up to make it right.

Jeb Bush

Clutching his pearls over the wacky GOP presidential field.

Ode to joy

10,000 people singing it:

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