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Thursday, July 21 | 8 pm eastern | 5 pm pacific |Virtually Speaking A-Z | Stuart Zechman and Jay Ackroyd| This week in liberalism: a continuing conversation. Listen live on BTR.

Thursday, July 21 | 9 pm eastern | 6 pm pacific |Virtually Speaking with Jay Ackroy | Jay returns. Olivier Knox – who covers Congress and politics for Agence France-Presse, the world’s oldest and third-largest news agency – calls in from the Senate Press Gallery to talk about the debt limit negotiations. Listen live on BTR.

Hot hot hot

David Johannsen:

Up on the roof



While I’ve always loved this event, I will no more spend all day outdoors in this heat than I would slit my own wrists.

Summer in the city

Lovin’ Spoonful:

Gutting the New Deal

Glenn Greenwald:

The same Democratic president who supported the transfer of $700bn to bail out Wall Street banks, who earlier this year signed an extension of Bush’s massive tax cuts for the wealthy, and who has escalated America’s bankruptcy-inducing posture of Endless War, is now trying to reduce the debt by cutting benefits for America’s most vulnerable – at the exact time that economic insecurity and income inequality are at all-time highs.

Where is the “epic shitstorm” from the left which Black predicted? With a few exceptions – the liberal blog FiredogLake has assembled 50,000 Obama supporters vowing to withhold re-election support if he follows through, and a few other groups have begun organising as well – it’s nowhere to be found.

Therein lies one of the most enduring attributes of Obama’s legacy: in many crucial areas, he has done more to subvert and weaken the left’s political agenda than a GOP president could have dreamed of achieving. So potent, so overarching, are tribal loyalties in American politics that partisans will support, or at least tolerate, any and all policies their party’s leader endorses – even if those policies are ones they long claimed to loathe.

‘Don’t romanticize Obama’

This piece is pretty good, I wish more non-blog-reading people would see it.

My so-called social life

Last night, a drunken guy the same age as my son tried to talk me into bringing him home. I kept putting him off nicely, but he persisted. I finally told him that his approach had all the charm of a dog looking for the nearest fireplug. He then started hitting on the woman next to me, which only proved my point.

The thing is, he’s not a total asshole, just drunk, and there was a time when I might have been flattered. I have a pretty hard and fast rule now: If you don’t have the nerve to actually ask me to go out (when you’re sober), I already know it won’t work out. Maturity! It’s not such a bad thing.

Why Cenk’s leaving MSNBC

Cenk was the only thing on MSNBC I still liked to watch, but the people in Washington don’t like his “tone.” This is a very interesting piece, I recommend you watch it – just in case you still don’t believe this is what happens.

Obviously, this happens with bloggers, too.

Desktop app for liberal politics

I’ve been using Raw Story’s beta version for over a month, it’s pretty cool. A nice, streamlined way to keep on top of political news:

SAN FRANCISCO, CA — AlterNet and RawStory, two pioneers in online independent news, have joined forces with UberMedia, developers of the world’s most popular Twitter app, to produce NewsForward –a mashup of the latest breaking news, investigative reports and political opinion from independent news sources, cable news outlets, liberal bloggers, top progressive tweeters, advocacy organizations, elected officials and political insiders.

Unlike other news and politics aggregators built on RSS feeds, NewsForward employs Twitter as a platform. “What the UberMedia platform allows us to do is mix curation with conversation …the future of news,” says Roxanne Cooper, Publisher of RawStory. “Because the Twitter audience is so diverse demographically, we’re excited about the opportunity to both deliver news and information to readers who don’t traditionally follow politics, as well as introduce social media to more conventional audiences.”
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