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Boeing and the NLRB

If you have wingnut relatives, you’re probably heard them pissing and moaning about the National Labor Relations Board actually doing their job — because, as we know, regulation is only good when it’s used to bust unions, not protect them!

It could happen to you

Chet Baker:

Unchained melody

Righteous Brothers:

There’ll be another spring

Dianne Reeves:

It’s all perfectly okay

If the Nuclear Regulatory Commission says it is!


Stop me if this sounds familiar. Apparently these gas drilling companies have vastly exaggerated the amount of natural gas they can release via fracking, and are making more money flipping the land leases than they are by drilling.

Sounds like the mortgage bubble all over again!

One less bell to answer

The 5th Dimension:

Smells like teen spirit



Deb Talan:

You’re my best friend


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