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The Mets get their first no-hitter in franchise history.

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PA HB 2191

The fight is on to stop payday lending in Pennsylvania, and of course the Republicans are working to protect it. If you live in PA, please sign the petition or make a call TODAY:

The GOP is saying they’ll call for a vote on the bill next week.  The only way to stop it is to put constant pressure on the Republican State Reps now, so people should be calling them and spreading the word.  People can find out the name and contact information for their State Rep here.  Calls are a must.

This is Penn Action’s action page, which lets you send an email and make a call.

Opposition to HB 2191 is broad and deep.  You can see a list of organizations opposed to the bill at Stop Pay Day Loans PA.  In addition to several other military organizations, the PA Chapter of the Military Officers Association of America are opposing the bill.  Iraq war veteran Rep. Tom Murt (R), has filed an amendment that would align HB 2191 with the federal law currently in place for members of the armed forces.  Details are below.

The bottom line is that HB 2191 worsens the problems it claims to solve. It legalizes internet and storefront payday lending at rates more than 12 times existing law. It codifies the very toxic terms of the loan product and allows payday lenders to electronically debit 50% of a borrower’s bi-weekly take home pay. Exorbitant fees and interest rates will drain hundreds of millions of dollars out of PA’s economy.

Predatory Pay Day lending doesn’t only hurt the people desperate enough to get them, they hurt most everyone who lives and does business in PA.

Here’s more info on the Murt amendment:

This amendment aligns HB 2191 with the laws currently in place for members of the armed forces.  This ensures that Pennsylvanians, such as our veterans, the National Guard, and others are not exploited by the very practices that the U.S. Department of Defense found to threaten our national security.  Specifically, this amendment, similar to the law signed by President George Bush, provides that charges on payday loans do not exceed 36 percent annual interest, prohibits holding a post-dated check or electronic access to a borrower’s bank account as a security for the loan, and provides a minimum repayment period of 91 days.  In assessing the effectiveness of these types of provisions, the U.S. Department of Defense concluded that “has established a balanced approach in using the regulation to curb products with demonstrated high costs…”

Texas-style justice

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