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Smoke ring for my halo

Kurt Vile:


After protesters occupied a long-abandoned building in Chapel Hill, NC they were raided by a SWAT team this morning.

Never let it be said that NYT columnist David Brooks doesn’t have a sense of humor, although his attempts at social satire are about as amusing as a buyout by Mitt Romney’s private equity firm. More here.

Occupy Philly

Responds to Mayor Nutter’s press conference today. Funny, how getting re-elected changes his tune!

Old lies in new bottles

Eric Margolis on the rush to attack Iran.

Hole in your halo

Ana Egge:

Occupy Portland taken down by cops

Story here. Follow the livestream:

Watch live streaming video from occupyptown at livestream.com


Drew Holcomb and the Neighbors:

Kind of awesome

Don’t you think?


Matraca Berg:

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