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Black water

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Wait for me

Daryl and Todd:

Newt Gingrich

A dumb person’s idea of what a smart person sounds like, and a dangerous clown.

Steve Jobs

Eric Alterman:

Daisey is right when he insists that Steve Jobs was the one man in the world uniquely positioned to change this. Apple’s profit margins are immense. The stock could have continued to soar even if the pay and conditions of these workers’ lives were built into the cost of an iPhone or an iPad. People would have kept buying the products, and other companies would have been forced to follow suit. But Jobs didn’t care. He even instructed Obama that the United States had to behave more like China in the manner in which it encouraged corporations to act free of regulations or concern for their employees and their environment.

A second issue raised by Jobs’s life and death is all that money he accumulated. When New York Times “DealBook” editor Andrew Ross Sorkin wrote a column before Jobs died, wondering why he seemed so stingy with his fortune—noting also that he did away with all the company’s charity programs (which were restored after his departure in August)—Sorkin addressed the topic so gingerly, I half thought he feared Jobs would send a thunderbolt from the sky to disable his typing fingers (or possibly curl his arm into a claw). “None of this is meant to judge Mr. Jobs. I have long been a huge admirer of Mr. Jobs and consider him the da Vinci of our time,” blah, blah, blah. Even so, right-wing bloggers and pundits evinced outrage that Sorkin even raised the issue. But come now: $8.3 billion? And add to this that Apple is apparently sitting on an estimated $76 billion in cash and other investments allegedly residing in a company called Braeburn Capital in Reno, Nevada—a corporation, according to BusinessWeek, that Apple created for “the purpose of managing its cash and short-term investments in a tax-advantageous manner” in a state that has no corporate or capital-gains taxes. (Why, after all, should Apple’s millionaires and billionaires contribute to the local and statewide public services in Cupertino, California, that make those fortunes possible?)
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India’s Got Talent

One of the stranger things you’ll ever see on the intertubes:

How was your bird?

[My Thanksgiving Day post, two days late]

A bad cold was kicking my ass, but I felt the need for sun and exercise late in the afternoon. All around me was that weird holiday stillness and quiet. It felt as if everyone had gone somewhere and I’d missed the boat — a boat I wouldn’t have wanted to board. More here.

Empire by the numbers

Juan Cole.

Western media

Does not say why Egyptians protest. Could it be that they don’t want military control – but the Israelis do?

I can’t get it out of my head


Darling I do

Landon Pigg and Lucy Schwartz:

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