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It’s gonna take a miracle

The Royalettes:

Night out

Went out to a happy hour at Fathom Seafood with some friends last night, had a great time and even made a couple of new friends. It’s a nice break from being steeped in the evils of politics…

Love in vain

Mick et al:

The austerity economy

Krugman: The beatings will continue until morale improves!

Love hurts

Gram and Emmylou:

Super committee

Yeah, we’re screwed!

Wake up, little Susie

Everly Brothers:


It’s quite cool this morning, and it reminded me of this song, one of my dad’s favorites. Barbra Streisand:


Republicans hate government owned utilities. All that profit that could be had, just gone to waste!

Here’s an idea

Why not double down and do a lot more of the same things that haven’t worked yet?

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