Teabag fakers

Via Eclectablog, the less-than-surprising news that Tea Party activists knocked down their own tent and videotaped it — for Faux News:

There’s a video on heavy rotation at Fox News, being massively retweeted by conservatives and Americans for Prosperity, where they talk about the “brutality” and “violence” of union members at today’s rally in Lansing, Michigan to protest Right to Work legislation. The video shows an Americans for Prosperity tent coming down on the front lawn of the Capitol Building.

As it turns out, American for Prosperity (AFP) themselves were responsible for at least one of the tents coming down. Tom Duckworth watched one of the folks that had been in the AFP tent go around and loosen the straps on the tent. According to Duckworth, “the tent came down from the INSIDE.”

Here’s video, shot in the office of Progress Michigan, of Duckworth being interviewed by former Progress Michigan Executive Director David Holtz:

Taking them out at the knees

The teabaggers of Americans for Prosperity, funded by the Kochs, decided they needed to cut off the source of union opposition (the only Dems still standing) by stopping their funding. That’s why we’ve seen this recent rash of laws that sprang up like dandelions everywhere: either stopping them from collecting union dues from members’ paychecks, or by passing laws that allow non-members to use unions to negotiate for them without having to give them any money.

No, it’s not a coincidence. They really are trying to knock us down into a humble class that’s grateful to get anything.

The only thing that stopped them the last time was when people literally put their bodies in the way. Many, many people died in this country to bring us unions. I suppose we’ll have to start all over again.

Michigan labor protest

UPDATE: No, they’re macing them first. So much for that First Amendment thingie!

Sounds like cops are about to start arresting people. Hey, why not? They were exempted from the new labor laws!

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