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Christmas (baby please come home)

Darlene Love on Letterman (I think this was 2007). Remember, she’s always on the night before Christmas Eve:

Lather, rinse, repeat

It’s like a bad joke. The Obama administration announces it will do something that needs doing, they wait a while, and then they back off. Again.

Happy Festivus!

Matt Taibbi recently shed more light on how Wall Street executives, with the help of the D.C. establishment, cheat and bribe their way up to a level of wealth and privilege many of us can’t even imagine. More here.

Global warming

Hates a white Christmas.

Also: Leadership!

Blue Christmas

Get down Santa

The Jive Turkeys:

O little town of Bethlehem

Sister Rosetta Sharpe:

Don’t worry baby

Ronnie Spector’s cover of the Beach Boys song:


Doctors never believe me when I tell them I have a low temperature, and that when I get a low-grade infection, my temperature can actually go even lower. I mean, this has been happening all my life – it’s not my job to figure out why, right?

Right now, it’s 96.0. (I took my temperature because I felt like I had chills.) When I was really sick last month, it went down to 95. (The family nurse told me I must not have pushed the digital thermometer all the way under my tongue.) So when I have an infection, they tend not to take my crappy little 99.6 seriously. Occasionally, I’ll get a whopper of a fever (a few years back, I had one that spiked to 103 – I was actually hallucinating), but sometimes my temperature even goes down when I’m sick.

And yes, I know I’m pathetic for even writing about this. I just hate how doctors half-listen and it annoys me when I have to deal with them.

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