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I’m not on top of everything due to the sick and all, but I want to say that, like other progressives, I’m happy as a clam over the failure of the SUPERCOMMITTEE to come to an agreement on how to shred our social safety net.

But don’t assume the administration’s giving up on the Grand Bargain. They won’t.

GOP uglies gunning for EPA

Climate change? Just a rumor spread by Democrats and their bleeding-heart scientist friends. Predictably, the Republican presidential hopefuls are pretending environmental protection is an obstacle to job creation:

The Environmental Protection Agency is likely to play an unusually prominent role in the 2012 presidential election, reflecting ongoing partisan debate in Congress over the ties between environmental regulations and jobs.

“What we’re going to see in this cycle is a lot of bitterness. … It’s going to be more partisan than it’s ever been,” said GOP environmental strategist Chelsea Maxwell. “So the energy and environment issues will definitely creep into that.”

Yo, Dad, that’s a hit

The Doors didn’t even want to do “Hello, I Love You,” their second big hit. Jac Holzman, the head of Elektra Records, talked everyone involved into recording it after his 10-year-old son heard the band’s original demo and said, “Dad, I think that’s a hit single.”

Louie, Louie

Let’s just say that the likelihood of the very political Louis Freeh rocking the boat are slim indeed. He’s a disgusting little man, as you already know if you’ve followed his career:

Former FBI director Louis Freeh assures the internal investigation he was hired to lead to look into the circumstances surrounding the Jerry Sandusky child sex abuse scandal will be “completely independent.”

This follows a report by the Philadelphia Inquirer that Freeh had connections to a financial company that had a lucrative contract with Penn State.

Freeh’s spokeswoman Stef Goodsell aid, “Judge Freeh has no previous personal connection to Penn State University. Prior to its acquisition by Bank of America in 2006, MBNA entered into many commercial agreements with third parties. In his role as General Counsel of MBNA, Judge Freeh had no role in negotiating the company’s agreement with Penn State University which was entered into many years before Judge Freeh joined MBNA.”

Sunday in the park with Lt. John Pike

Almost overnight, the cop who pepper-sprayed a group of nonviolent students at UC Davis has become an art world fixture. I’m especially moved by Pike’s intrusion on the tranquil scene depicted in Georges Seurat’s A Sunday Afternoon on the Island of La Grande Jatte. More here.


Cash flow problems (a check didn’t clear in a timely manner). He’ll be back online as soon as it’s all straightened out.


Can’t afford to take the corruption out of politics!

The healing process

Athenae, as always, sums it up nicely: The person who fucked up (in this case, the UCDavis chancellor) isn’t the one who decides it’s “time to move forward.” Or “on”, or anything else.

Tahrir Square

All hell breaking loose, 28 dead so far in the “million man” protest. Democracy Now! correspondent Sharif Kouddous tweets:

Protesters go to front lines, get gassed, and shot at, come back gasping, stumbling & wounded, recover, then go back

Look at the size of this crowd.

Livestream at 8 a.m.:

Grumble, grumble

Antibiotics make me cranky and disrupt my sleep. I wake up feeling like I took a 25-mile hike through a lunar landscape – lots of weird dreams.

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