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April 3rd, Martin Luther King’s last speech:

Virtually Speaking Susie

MONDAY April 4 – 6pm pacific|9pm eastern

The topic is Libya and the long haul. Tonight’s guest is writer, student, poet, musician, and political activist Rafael Noboa y Rivera. A decorated combat veteran of the Iraq War, Noboa y Rivera is currently completing studies in journalism at Ohio University’s Scripps School of Journalism.

Listen here, live and later. Call 646-200-3440 with questions and comments.

Zombies on parade

Zombies turn out the Democratic vote in Madison!

The glass is half full

Sure, we’ve only had three nuclear catastrophes in how many years?

TOKYO (Reuters) – General Electric Co Chief Executive Jeffrey Immelt defended the nuclear industry’s safety record on Monday during a trip to Tokyo to show support to the operator of a stricken nuclear plant using reactors designed by the U.S. conglomerate.

SWAT team evicts grandma

When enough people see things like this, that’s when we’ll have a revolution in this country:

Last week, a SWAT team forcefully evicted Rochester resident Catherine Lennon from her New York home, arresting at least six protestors and neighbors in the process, according to MSNBC.com.

The federal debate over the foreclosure process has heated up in recent weeks, with the Obama administration backtracking on an earlier, more dramatic proposition that would have required mortgage lenders to reduce monthly payments for millions of homeowners like Lennon.

Lennon, a grandmother living with her children and grandchildren, says she was willing to make mortgage payments to government-sponsored mortgage insurance firm Fannie Mae, but that the bank refused to accept her checks because the property was not in her name. Her husband — the official homeowner — died in 2008 without writing a will, leading to a legal battle between Lennon and her bank.

Take Back The Land-Rochester, a group dedicated to defending community housing and now supporting Lennon, staged an eviction in the weeks leading up to the altercation. The day of the confrontation, police arrested protestors for attempting to block entrance to the house.

“This is not America,” a neighbor told a local television crew. “This is not what America should be.”

Bank of America released a statement in response to the controversy saying Lennon had fallen behind on her payments, becoming delinquent. In turn, TBLT’s Ryan Acuff said that while Lennon was delinquent on payments to Countrywide and Bank of America, she had “not only met with the Housing Council, the local HUD approved mortgage counselors, but attempted to engage with Bank of America.”

“[T]he fact remains,” Acuff continued, “that Bank of America refused her attempts to pay and efforts to negotiate modifications to her mortgage for the reasons stated above.”

Rep. Louise Slaughter (NY-28) has reached out to Fannie Mae to re-review Lennon’s case. After speaking with high-level representatives, Lennon says she is “very positive” about the prospect of her house being returned to her.

The difference is, during the Great Depression, hundreds of people would have shown up to stop this, not fewer than a dozen.

Wrong but we’re doing it anyway

Eric Holder on holding military trials for 9/11 defendants.


Every time Bernie Sanders opens his mouth, I think how sexy being smart and honest is.

Lies in London

(H/t Ron.) I wish everyone would go read the rest of this, because these are the exact same tactics that will be used here:

This government isn’t scared of mass vandalism. The public, however, is – and that is precisely why fistfuls of images of young people in masks smashing up the Ritz and throwing smoke bombs have been tossed at our screens for five days now. The state requires us to be fearful so that it can acquire our consent for its spending cuts, and the public fears disorder even more than it fears mass unemployment and the decimaton of public services. So perhaps we shouldn’t be surprised that the images of officers of the law assaulting unarmed young people, and the images of riot cops arresting an entirely peaceful protest group on orders which are rumoured to have come right from the top, have largely been been overlooked or dismissed.

Meanwhile, UKUncut – a group whose modus operandi is inclusive, creative, defiant people power of the type that really does scare the government – has been brutally suppressed. A hundred and thirty eight members have been detained, including a fifteen year old girl who was so frightened in jail that she was made to sign a form excusing the police from culpability, should she go on to commit suicide. There has been very little public outcry. The next wave in the battle for the hearts and minds of the British public has truly begun.

I was a little surprised to see how many workplaces have hidden cameras in their offices…

The hive mind

I’m speaking at my old high school’s Career Day this week and I have no idea how to describe what I do. Any suggestions?

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