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‘Fat cat’ as a term of endearment

by Odd Man Out
It’s easy to vote against the GOP, a horror show of woman haters, climate-change deniers, racists, “free market” extremists, and worshipers of billionaires. Too bad we can’t vote for someone — i.e., someone brave enough to fight for everything the GOP is against. More here.

Fiction is good for you

I keep telling you

Stacking the court

by Susie
Gov. Chris Christie.

Virtually Speaking Sunday

Sunday, March 18 | 9 pm eastern | 6 pm pacific |Marcy Wheeler and Susie Madrak discuss developments of the week’s news cycles, drawing from their own writing and the Bobblespeak Translations.  Plus CoT’s the ‘Most Ridiculous Moment’ from the Sunday morning talk shows. Follow @emptywheel @susiemadrak @bobblespeak. Listen live and later on BTR

You can call in with questions or comments to 646-200-3440.

Desperation breeds

From Andrew Bird’s great new album, “Break It Yourself”:

One bullet

Garnet Rogers sings about the Battle of Gettyburg:

Kiss me, I’m shitfaced

by Susie
In honor of today’s national drinking holiday, Dropkick Murphys live:

Why they listen to lobbyists

by Susie
It pays!

Live from Liberty Plaza

They’re backkkkk…..

Streaming video by Ustream

Will Ye Go Lassie Go

by Odd Man Out
Who said Ireland is “a land of happy wars and sad love songs?” It was Richard Sheridan, writer of those convoluted Restoration plays. Ain’t Wikipedia great?

Footnote: How ironic is it that the Irish fought to throw English armies out of Ireland for a thousand years and then, after all was finally going well, were enslaved by a gang of bankers? More here.

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