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Tax me

Millionaires speak:


Does baby Jesus hate Arizona when they don’t allow gay marriage?

How do they not see

What we so clearly see?

Sniff, sniff

Oh, the New York Times is so very offended by Anthony Weiner, who (I might point out) did not help fabricate the reasons to bomb and invade a country where countless innocents died as a result.

All he did was show his penis to some twinkies and lie about it. People lie about sex, it’s a given.

While certainly a matter between him and his wife, that’s really their business. We don’t actually vote for moral leaders — as we are frequently reminded by scandals like this.

We vote for politicians, people who can hopefully get things done for us.

It’s a puzzle

How this president intends to get reelected.


Everything that happens in Philadelphia is boiled down to the same racial narrative: See what happens when you let “those people” run the school district?

And yet, black Democrats aren’t really running the school district, and haven’t since 2001. It’s a Republican-controlled School Reform Commission, put in place by the state legislature as they harrumphed about the state having to pour money into a district mismanaged by “those people.” The mayor get to appoint three of the five seats, but the Republican state legislature still controls the state funding.

As you might expect, it simply moved some of the patronage recipients from one side of the column to the other — and the ripoffs continued. But the real funding problem is that 70% of the students are at or below the poverty line, and people in the rural parts of the state insist on holding those children accountable for all that money they waste!

Oh well! Sucks to be a poor black kid in Philly, because that makes you a political football from Day 1:

The Philadelphia School District began its biggest layoff in decades Monday, issuing 3,024 pink slips and triggering its largest union to fight at least some of the dismissals in court.

Common Pleas Court Judge Idee C. Fox issued a temporary restraining order stopping the layoffs of 1,523 teachers until a June 14 hearing on whether the district violated the collective bargaining agreement by exempting 200 teachers from the layoff.

Soldiers as heroes or victims

A retired Army psychiatrist:

For all the pomp and ceremony, it might be more meaningful to implement policies giving veterans guaranteed jobs when they come home. Healthy or injured, we will find you work. That simple promise would make all the political grandstanding and media-fest at least tolerable.

And health care, for the effects of being in a war. Doesn’t seem too much to ask, does it?

Pro-life pols

They’re always such hypocrites, aren’t they?

Happy 10th anniversary

Of the Bush tax cuts, the gift that keeps on giving!


Ah yes, they’re still trying to kill off Social Security. This new GOP bill would definitely affect the 55 and older group. Republicans are nothing if not consistent about misleading people, since their legislation invariably means the opposite of whatever it’s named:

Digby sounds the alarm:

[...] Under the bill, employees would be able to make tax free contributions to their SAFE account, and take tax-free distributions at retirement age. The bill would also allow employees to stay with the Social Security program if they wish.

Of course, what this would really do is remove money from the Social Security system right now, thus endangering the system for all older workers who will still be in the system 15 years from now. I’m beginning to wonder if my demographic group is going to be the guinea pig in a Soylent Green experiment. (Sure, they’ll eventually figure out that his whole thing is unworkable, but it will be too late for the last half of the baby boom.)

The problem isn’t with middle aged or older workers. They are in touch enough with life’s vagaries to sense their future vulnerability enough to probably opt in. It’s younger workers who believe they are going to live forever and that they are destined to be millionaires anyway who will drain the system. It’s not because they are bad people. It’s just that at that age you feel immortal.

I think the Democrat would be wise to inform the public of this proposal, however. People need to know. Especially all those who recently lost half their retirement savings in the financial meltdown of 2007.

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