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The speed of the sound of loneliness

John Prine:

Faithless love

J.D. Souther and Matraca Berg:


This is the right-wing jackass who just stole the judicial election in Wisconsin. “Judicial temperment,” my ass.

Her town too

James Taylor and J.D. Souther:

Whither Greece

Understanding what’s going on in Greece is important to understanding what’s going on with austerity measures worldwide, and this article is the best explanation I’ve seen yet.

Catholic throwdown

If you went to Catholic school, you will find this “Catholic throwdown” between the White Stripes’ Jack White and Stephen Colbert as funny as I did.

What’s not to like?

Create jobs, save energy, cut waste!

One week (bathroom version)

Barenaked Ladies:

Whole Foods parking lot


You don’t have to say you love me


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