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What the media really thinks

As I’ve said before, so many of the journalists I’ve known are not only lazy, they’re kind of willfully obtuse. This piece from Jay Rosen illustrates it all too well.

I know

Kim Richey:

Orphan girl

Gillian Welch and David Rawlings:


I watched Emmylou’s set at Newport tonight. Lovely! Here she is with Steve Earle:

Never had nobody like you

M. Ward:

Free as a bird

Here’s part of an e-mail I recently received from Barack Obama’s spin doctors:

David —

As someone who got his start as a community organizer, President Obama’s entire career has revolved around the idea that ordinary people working together can do extraordinary things. So I hope you can take part in marking his 50th birthday… This Wednesday, August 3rd, campaign volunteers will get together for house meetings in all 50 states. We’ll plan local events… and talk about how to spread the word about the President’s accomplishments…

Can you attend a house meeting…? RSVP now.

I replied with this:

What are “the president’s accomplishments?” His unprecedented (for a Democrat) efforts to tear down the social safety net that evolved from the New Deal? To my shame, I voted for Obama, but I’m certainly not going to help celebrate his ongoing dismantlement of the Democratic Party.

But there’s a better way to express discontent about Obama’s refusal to back tax hikes for the rich and his unwillingness to defend Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid. Simply show up at one of the house meetings and tell those present what you think of his ongoing cave-in to right-wingers.

Click here for the meeting closest to you.

Debt deal

You already know it will suck and cut our retirement programs, but here are some details if you insist on torturing yourself.

Entitlement programs

Loved this!

Newport Folk Festival

Watch it live here until 7pm EST tonight!

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