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The boys of summer

Don Henley:

Under the boardwalk

If you didn’t grow up on the East Coast, you probably don’t understand how deeply the boardwalk experience is ingrained in our psyches. I remember getting my first real kiss under the Wildwood boardwalk when I was 13:

Sandy (4th of July)


Summer lovin’

Just about everyone I know who’s in their 30s fell under the spell of “Grease” when they were kids. Olivia Newtown-John and John Travolta:

Grand Rapids lipdub

Grands Rapids got a little peeved about being called one of America’s top 10 dying-est cities, so they did this video:


That the White House is more concerned with making sure the “wrong people” aren’t helped with their mortgages. Go read it all.

Bad romance

Lady Gaga:

Be my baby

Ed Hurst used to host “Summertime at Steel Pier”, a local dance show. I remember watching the cameras showing surfers riding into shore while the Ronettes sang “Be My Baby” and the song has since been synonymous with summer for me:

Maybe so, maybe no

Meyer Hawthorne:

Summertime blues

Eddie Cochran:

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