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Solar storm

I wonder if it’ll screw things up:

Airlines and energy suppliers are on alert as the largest solar storm in five years heads toward Earth, threatening to disrupt flights and power lines.

The eruption on the surface of the sun, known as a coronal mass ejection (CME), has led to a “massive amount of solar particles heading towards Earth”, which are due to hit the planet between 6am and 10am on Thursday morning, a Met Office spokesman said. But he added that the phenomenon was likely to go unnoticed by most.

The forecaster has advised airlines that they may reroute planes from near the polar regions where the radiation caused by the storm is likely to be most intense, while energy suppliers have been warned that the National Grid could also be affected.

Solar storms can also cause communication problems, such as radio blackouts, as well as affecting satellites, disrupting oil pipelines and making global positioning systems (GPS) less accurate.

“It should arrive some time tomorrow morning and last through tomorrow,” the Met Office spokesman added. “In terms of what that means from the public’s point of view, there’s an increased chance of aurora borealis or Northern Lights being seen if conditions are right and the skies are clear.”

Oh my love

Jock Lennon:

Will you still love me tomorrow

The Shirelles:

Be my baby

John Lennon, produced by Phil Spector:

My niece the hero

Also does standup!

While my guitar gently weeps

George on acoustic guitar:


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By Boohunney

While I read this article, I nearly started crying. Some of these stories were so familiar with me and others that I know.

I lost my job about a year ago. After the bad news, I was of course shaken, but not at all surprised. I was worried about finances and healthcare. I was worried because, let’s face it, I am a little long in the tooth.

The Director of the 12 person department seemed professional enough when I first started my position. He was loud, though, had a caustic since of humor and I began noticing within a few days some inappropriate behavior. On my third day he walked up to one of my coworkers (a female) said loudly, “So. You decided to come in today without fixing your hair. HAHAHAHAHA.” I was stunned and embarrassed. My new coworker could not really make eye contact, but, managed a giggle. She had worked for this man for years. I don’t think that the Director noticed that no one else was laughing and even acting as if nothing had just happened.

His job description seemed to be 8th grade playground bully. That’s how he behaved. The pleasure he derived from his horrible behavior was apparent. I don’t think this man knew I could hear every ranting, loud conversation clearly, word for word through the walls of our adjacent offices, even when the door was shut. How he criticized people was appalling. Meetings were torture sessions. No wonder 9 people left a 12 person department in 3 years.

My Team Leader was just the same with her behavior. It started the moment we began working together on training for my position. It was a constant series of bad information and incomplete information. My attempts to fill in the blanks by asking questions turned into a nightmare. Her condescending way was something I could ignore, but, it was very tiring. It seemed her job description was complaining how hard she worked, keeping the mound of hair piled up on top her head, humiliating everyone she could and long walks in the warehouse with the Director.
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By Odd Man Out

'Job creation' can mean all sorts of things, as Paul Muni demonstrates.

I guess we’re supposed to feel good about Barack Obama’s meetings with CEOs, even though they’re always held in private, and with no representatives of working people present. More here.

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