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Tell me something I don’t know

Herman Dune:


Looks like somebody stole the GPS out of my car. Oh well!

Stuck in the middle with you

Stealers Wheel:

Is an early spring making you sneeze?

There’s a reason.

Democrats love compromise

Who knew?

Jobs, jobs, jobs

Yeah, it’s bad. Really bad. When will politicians stop pretending it isn’t?


I’m surprised more people don’t know about Tiger Direct, but in case you don’t, check it out. Really cheap computers and parts — mine was built with stuff Chris the Tech Sensei ordered from here. And if you have a kid going off to school, you can’t beat the laptop prices! (Also, cheap TVs.)


Tonight’s my first time at the writers group and I can’t get my freakin’ printer to work. Don’t have time to play with it, either — two doctor’s appointments this afternoon. Arghh.

Inside Job

Watch this. The thing that I didn’t know until I saw the Oscar-winning documentary was that academic economists are far too often for sale to the highest bidder:

Watch the full episode. See more PBS NewsHour.

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