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Irene isn’t over, by the way.

There are places where things are still happening. From the BBC;

Soldiers have been airlifting storm-relief supplies to Vermont towns which remain cut off after the trail of destruction left by Irene.

More than 200 roads are blocked or washed away in Vermont, hampering rescue efforts to 13 towns.

Irene killed 44 people in 13 US states, according to the Associated Press, and caused billions of dollars’ damage.

About half of the 6.7 million utility customers on the east coast who lost power still have no electricity.

Vermont is reeling from its worst floods since 1927, and officials warned some rivers and creeks there had yet to crest.

Summer’s over

This is a great summer song. Jonathan Coulton:

Have a little faith in me

John Hiatt:

Income inequality.

Timothy Noah;

Why don’t Americans pay more attention to growing income disparity? One reason may be our enduring belief in social mobility. Economic inequality is less troubling if you live in a country where any child, no matter how humble his or her origins, can grow up to be president. In a survey of 27 nations conducted from 1998 to 2001, the country where the highest proportion agreed with the statement “people are rewarded for intelligence and skill” was, of course, the United States. (69 percent). But when it comes to real as opposed to imagined social mobility, surveys find less in the United States than in much of (what we consider) the class-bound Old World. France, Germany, Sweden, Denmark, Spain—not to mention some newer nations like Canada and Australia—are all places where your chances of rising from the bottom are better than they are in the land of Horatio Alger’s Ragged Dick.

We’re going to be friends

I know it’s become cool to hate Jack White, but I love him. White Stripes:

The Terrible Monster

My old friend Eggbone posted this at facebook:

Never heard these guys before, but I’ll sure be listening more now!

The dapper super-nerd with the smug grin is leading the latest Republican attempt to shrink government to the size of an antebellum plantation…


My guest on Virtually Speaking Susie at 9pm EST is Will Bunch, who blogs at Attytood, writes for the Philadelphia Daily News and is pretty smart, to boot! Tune in here, I’m pretty sure we’ll be arguing over Michael Vick’s new contract.

Call 646-200-3440 with questions and comments! (Pretty please? Why does no one ever call?)

Here comes another one

Tropical Storm Katia.

The Catskills

If I hear one more person talk about how Irene coverage was just “hype,” I’m gonna have to hurt them.

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