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I’m going to skip the obvious punchline

And just say I’m sure this will help a lot of people.

I heard love is blind

Amy Winehouse:

Will you still love me tomorrow

Amy Winehouse:

Harbor wall.

Me and Mr. Jones


Rachel Corrie.

Iran named a street for her.

Lullaby of birdland

Amy Winehouse:

Russel Brand has a point.

From the Guardian:

Why am I surprised that these young people behave destructively, “mindlessly”, motivated only by self-interest? How should we describe the actions of the city bankers who brought our economy to its knees in 2010? Altruistic? Mindful? Kind? But then again, they do wear suits, so they deserve to be bailed out, perhaps that’s why not one of them has been imprisoned. And they got away with a lot more than a few fucking pairs of trainers.

Completing the theft

Of Social Security funds.


Instead of funding it as a national service, someone decided it was necessary that the Postal Service operate like a for-profit business. We see how well that worked out.

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