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The Vogues:

Do you believe in magic?

Krugman is upset that so many people in the media are praising Paul Ryan’s plan – which, as he points out, has no chance of working as proposed:

Once again, let us wonder at the way this plan has been treated by the commentariat. A guy says, “I care deeply about the deficit!” And then he releases a plan that depends on finding $3 trillion over the next decade from some unspecified source — oh, and he comes from a party that has a 30-year track record of promising to reduce the budget deficit but actually increasing it.

And everyone takes him seriously!


This is such a thoughtful thing to do.

Don’t you care

The Buckinghams:

Roll away your stone

Mumford and Son:

Your corporate overlords

Isn’t that special.

LANSING — Governor Snyder’s controversial plan to dump the Michigan Business Tax and replace it with a 6% flat tax that most Michigan Businesses won’t have to pay has cleared the state house. Six republicans sided with the Democrats in opposing the plan.

It gives a 1.73 billion dollar tax break to business, at the expense of schools, poorer families, pensioners and individual taxpayers. 2/3rds of all smaller businesses won’t have to pay a dime.

Speaker Jase Bolger of Marshall says it’s all about jobs, not about who gets taxed or who doesn’t. Portage Republican Margaret O’Brien voted for it, saying she hopes it results in jobs. Democrats went on the House floor and savaged the plan, saying republicans went back on their own pledge not to increase taxes.



Twilight time

Along Girard Avenue tonight.

Real Time

Andrew Breitbart is a proven liar, and yet Bill Maher not only invites him as a guest, he changes the subject if anyone else brings up Breitbart’s record of false smears. So much for Maher’s much-vaunted “courage.”

Here’s the latest smear from Breitbart.

One on one

Matt Nathanson and Daryl Hall:

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