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Shooting stars

Cool, huh?

A star shooting water is almost an oxymoron.

But a young sun-like star seems to have been spotted 750 light-years from Earth doing just that, as researchers have apparently discovered, according to PopSci. Their findings indicate that the proto-star is shooting water from its poles at about 124,000 miles per hour.

Essentially, it’s creating water bullets that it shoots deep into interstellar space, according to National Geographic. This star is no more than 100,000 years old, and is located in the northern constellation Perseus.
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‘They say they want our America back’

Jill Sobule at last night’s Netroots Nation:

They say we want our America back
Our America back
Our America back
When they say we want our America back
What the f–k do they mean?

Remember the Garden of Eden
Before Eve hung out with that snake?
You could walk down the street
And not worry about thieves
All the kids could go trick or treating

Then those foreigners started comin’ in
Like those Germans in 1790
Then the Irish arrived, the potato blight
The neighborhood started changing

Life was better
We lived right
Life had a paler shade of white
When they say we want our America back
We want our America back

Before there was Ellis Island
And that statue we got from the French
And that’s whore’s still alerting
The strangers she’s flirting
Inviting them into our beds

The Guineas, the coolies, the wetbacks, the Jews
The gays and the terrorists
And who let in that woman looks after my kids
And the one who is cleaning my nest

Life was righteous
Life was clean
Send them back including me
When they say they want our America back
Our America back, our America back
When they say they want our America back
What the f–k does it mean?

Before the gays had the agenda
Before the slaves were free
Before that man from Kenya
Took the presidency

We want our America back
Our America back
Our America back
When they say they want our America back
What the f–k do they mean?

Virtually Speaking tonight

Sunday, June 19 | 9 pm eastern | 6 pm pacific | Virtually Speaking Sundays | Avedon Carol and Stuart Zechman OUR MEDIA NOT THEIRS | Avedon and Stuart discuss developments of the week, highlighting issues neglected or misrepresented on the Sunday morning broadcasts. Always informative, always passionate, frequently with a touch of snark. | Listen live and later on BTR

Clarence Thomas

Gee, even the New York Times thinks Justice Thomas has an ethics problem.


I came home convinced (not by anything I specifically heard, but by the general mood of the place that we have to help moderate Republicans reclaim their party. They’re out there, and since the number of extremists who vote in their primaries is relatively small, it’s doable. The question is, how to best make it happen?

Countering hate speech against unions

Here’s the panel I was on at Netroots Nation:

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NJ Dems and you – horrible together!

“Do not think you can sell us out in June and buy us back in November.” What a great line.

Labor was a major focus of this year’s Netroots Nation, and one of the things we want to plant firmly in the public perception is that cutting public employee wages and benefits is dictated by choice, and is not a true emergency. The real reason states have a problem balancing their budgets is that their Republican politicians are too afraid of Grover Norquist and the Club for Growth to raise taxes and risk a primary challenge. Instead, they’ve chosen to take out their cowardice and lack of leadership on the backs of workers.

Make no mistake: This deal would dissolve collective bargaining rights in NJ as effectively as anything that Scott Walker has done in Wisconsin. The thing I can’t figure out is, why are these craven Democratic politicians going along with it? Why aren’t they standing up and fighting?

Thousands of angry government workers swarmed New Jersey’s Capitol on Thursday and some were briefly arrested, one day after Gov. Chris Christie and legislative leaders agreed to sharply increase the contributions public employees must make into their health insurance and pensions plans.

The proposed deal, which has yet to come to a vote in either house, would be a major victory for Mr. Christie, transferring billions of dollars a year in expenses from the government to its employees, and once again curbing the power of the governor’s favorite foil, the public employee unions.

It would eliminate the longstanding practice of negotiating health care payments in contract talks with the unions, instead imposing those terms through legislation. The proposed deal puts Mr. Christie firmly in the ranks of fellow Republican governors who have curtailed public workers’ collective bargaining rights this year, including Mitch Daniels of Indiana, John Kasich of Ohio, Paul LePage of Maine and Scott Walker of Wisconsin.

But the recent conflicts in those states have been strictly partisan affairs, with Democrats opposing moves made by Republican majorities. In New Jersey, the battle over pensions and health care has turned into an intramural fight among Democrats, who control both houses of the Legislature, threatening to shake up the party’s leadership and weaken it in coming elections, thereby strengthening Mr. Christie’s hand.

[...] Union members packed a State Senate hearing in Trenton on Thursday, the first one to take up the proposal. Like thousands of their compatriots in the State House hallways and on the lawn outside, they noisily protested what they called an assault on collective bargaining and a betrayal by key Democrats.

At one point, chanting protesters brought the hearing to a halt, which lasted until the State Police forced about two dozen of them out of the chamber. They were arrested, but then released.

“There is a campaign across the country to use this economic crisis as an excuse to destroy the rights of working people,” said Robert Master, regional legislative and political director of the Communications Workers of America, the union that represents the largest number of state employees. “Real Democrats would not have collaborated with Chris Christie to make this attack on the democratic rights of public workers.”

Solidays qui sait

Peter Gabriel:

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