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Gimme Three Steps

This down-home ditty, about girls and guns and ammo, is to help Gov. Rick Perry count past two in the next presidential debate.

Thanks for the memory, Rick

I hope that tough-talking hombre Gov. Perry keeps better track of his guns and ammo than he does of his talking points during debates:

Republican presidential candidate Rick Perry says he will eliminate three federal agencies if elected president, but he just isn’t sure what they are. At Wednesday night’s CNBC Republican presidential debate, the candidate managed to remember the first two agencies but repeatedly failed to name the third.

More here.

College football

And the Mafia. Yeah, Buzz is right.

Even Forbes Magazine sees the light

Paul Krugman wrote Monday that we’re “on the cusp of an energy transformation, driven by the rapidly falling cost of solar power.” Then I happened to see this piece from Forbes, which actually surprised me:

When GE’s director of global research predicted today that in just five years solar-generated electricity will be cheaper than power from fossil fuels and nuclear power, he was repeating forecasts heard from many other sources over the last several months.

A study by Duke University researchers last year even claimed that solar has already reached grid parity with nuclear in some areas (although some critics questioned the report’s methodology).

The cost of solar power has already been reduced dramatically — because of technological innovations like “thin film” solar… and utility scale concentrated solar power that uses molten salt to store energy for hours after the sun sets.

And, as GE’s Mark Little said in his interview with Bloomberg, more innovations are in the pipeline and will help drive down the cost of solar power even more.

Turning of the Tide

This has absolutely nothing to do with reversing the agenda of right-wing governors, but the song sprang to mind yesterday while I was reading about nationwide voting trends:

Patty Murray

They just don’t get it:

OLYMPIA, Wash. — Staff members for U.S. Sen. Patty Murray are holding a retreat at a Seattle-based firm that does federal lobbying work – using the space for free amid the Democrat’s crucial work as co-chair of the debt supercommittee.

Strategies 360 spokesman Paul Queary said Tuesday that Murray’s state staff was conducting two days of meetings in the company’s conference room. He said Murray’s state staff requested the space and that the room was being provided for free – something that has happened before with other groups.

“We aren’t involved in the meeting in any way,” Queary said.

A Murray spokesman did not return messages seeking comment. Strategies 360 provides a variety of consulting services and conducts lobbying work for a variety of clients in the nation’s capital, with disclosure forms filed this year showing the company has represented energy, environmental and medical interests.

What truly organized labor can do

Susie posted something yesterday about how Ohioans, by a huge majority, voted to repeal Senate Bill 5—Gov. John Kasich’s plan to destroy collective bargaining rights. Let’s hope this is the first of many reversals of for the right-wing governors who are trying to dismantle the middle class.

This shows how much effort that went into the repeal campaign:

‘Unsanitary conditions’

No comment.

Straight Arrow

This one’s for Mitt Romney — buttoned down, clean-cut and thoroughly corrupt.

NYT columnist David Brooks recently cited Mitt Romney’s plan to semi-privatize Social Security and Medicare and link these programs to Wall Street as proof that Romney is “the serious one” among Republican presidential candidates. More here on the audacity of these buttoned-down bozos.

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