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New rules

For flyers. These should help!

The war on the poor

Jeff Madrick on Countdown:


Let’s see. I live three blocks from the Delaware River and the ground is already saturated from a week of rain… should be fun! They’re predicted a second landfall in NJ for Sunday:

(CNN) — The entire eastern coast of the United States should prepare for Irene, a large and dangerous hurricane churning northwestward over the tropical waters of the Caribbean, the nation’s emergency chief warned Tuesday.

At 8 p.m. ET, the National Hurricane Center said the winds in Irene remained unchanged from its previous update, at 90 mph, making the storm a Category 1 hurricane. However, the reduction is expected to be only temporary, and Irene is still forecast to become a Category 3 event, a major hurricane, by Wednesday night or Thursday, the center said.

Irene was moving through the southern Bahamas and will pass very near or over the Turks and Caicos islands later Tuesday night, CNN Senior Meteorologist Dave Hennen said early Tuesday evening.

The storm could threaten the North Carolina coast on Saturday and is likely to continue to be a hurricane all the way into New England as it moves along or over the northeast coast, Hennen said.

Widespread damage is possible from coastal Carolina all the way up to the Canadian Maritimes, including the major cities of the Northeast, Hennen said.
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Maybe we’ll have our own nuclear disaster instead of having to import them from Japan! I wonder if they also designed these for a 5.8 earthquake followed in the same week by a hurricane?

The magnitude 5.8 earthquake that shook the East Coast on Tuesday was centered near a nuclear power plant, raising concerns that the facility could have been damaged.

North Anna Power Station, located about 10 miles from the epicenter, is running its safety systems on backup generators after the quake knocked out the plant’s outside power source.

[…] McIntyre said the NRC was closely monitoring the situation at the plant, which is owned by Dominion Power. An NRC resident inspector has been working with power company officials to inspect the facility and its complex systems for any cracks or other damage. So far, he said no damage had been found.

The quake hit along a fault in the Appalachian Mountains that has seen modest seismic activity in the past.

The North Anna plant reported an “alert” after the quake struck. An alert is the second most serious of four status positions for a nuclear plant.

The other 10 plants on the East Coast are listed in the least serious stage of warning, reporting an “unusual event,” and are generating electricity and operating normally, McIntyre said. An unusual event triggers an immediate inspection for cracks, he said.

The North Anna plant was designed to withstand a 5.9 to 6.1 quake.

The quake came “uncomfortably close” to that maximum, said Edwin Lyman, a senior scientist at the Union of Concerned Scientists, a group that advocates stronger regulation of nuclear power.

This time of year

Better Than Ezra:

Boys of Summer.

If you’re gonna do it, do it right.

I don’t understand this.

From The Hill:

Meanwhile, Sen. Chris Coons (D-Del.) held a short pro-forma session of the Senate at the Postal Square Building because of safety issues at the Capitol.

Republicans have demanded that Senate Democrats hold periodic pro-forma sessions of the upper chamber to block President Obama from making recess appointments.

So. Republicans demanded this? And Democrats are doing this?

Why? Or is this just made-up bullshit?

The other side of summer

Elvis Costello:

All summer long

Beach Boys:

Feeling safer yet?

I know I am!

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