Walmart’s slaves are ours, too

Shop ’til they drop, America! From AlterNet:

One of the most enduring myths we love here in America is that we ended our involvement with slavery after the Civil War. While our Founders – people like Thomas Jefferson, who wrote “all men are created equal” in the Declaration of Independence but owned slaves himself – were tarnished, morally imperfect hypocrites, in our modern era, we tell ourselves, we’ve risen above that. We are pure! We’re no longer tainted by slavery!

If only it were true.

The recent fires that killed 112 workers in Bangladeshi sweat shops making garments for Wal-Mart and other American retailers show how we, today, are frankly more hypocritical and dishonest about slavery than was Jefferson himself…

NYC’s holiday from homicide

What did they put in the water? From CNN:

The big news in the Big Apple this week may be what didn’t happen.
There was not a single reported slaying, stabbing, shooting or knifing in any of the five boroughs on Monday, according to the New York Police Department…


“The city hopes to finish out the year with the lowest homicide rate sine 1960,” said [Deputy Police Commissioner Paul] Browne.

If only NYC could find a way to lower the gentrification rate, too.

Why Grover is losing his grip

From E.J. Dionne’s column on Grover Norquist, failed god of the Republicans:

One indication that Republicans are aware they’re boxed in came from Rep. Tom Cole, R-Okla., one of his party’s shrewdest political minds. He suggested Republicans should take up the president’s invitation to extend the Bush tax cuts for the 98 percent of Americans who earn less than $250,000 a year. Yes, this would amount to throwing in the towel on those upper-bracket levies. But Cole knows that it won’t help the Republican brand if voters come to see the GOP’s one and only objective as protecting wealthier Americans from tax increases.

It’s hard to understand why anyone does not see that protecting the rich is the Republican Party’s only objective!

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