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In the presence of the Lord

Blind Faith:

March to Independence Hall

Hard to tell just from videos, but I can tell you from my own experience that Occupy Philly seems a lot more diverse than the other cities I’ve seen:

Stop digging

When you find yourself in a hole.

Running on faith

Eric Clapton:

Slave labor is the new career path

Interns fight back in the UK.


The guy who kills both his parents and throws himself on the mercy of the court because he’s an orphan.



Hand in my pocket

I remember the year this came out, and I was sitting in a hotel bar at a sales convention. We started talking about Alanis Morissette, and the salesman I was talking to started ranting about how she was a nasty, angry woman who hated men. “That’s not true,” I said, and started naming all the other songs on the album — you know, besides That One. But no, all he could talk about was “You Oughta Know.”

It wasn’t until I was older and wiser that I realized her biggest hit was about men’s primal fear of getting called out by the women they’d fucked over, and there was simply no reasoning with them. They were like cavemen who saw fire: “Danger! DANGER!”

Anyway, this is one of her nicer songs:


What Rude Pundit said.

Occupy L.A.

I’m guessing the bankers are getting a little nervous now….

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