Storm surge

My landlady assured me this area has never flooded before, but we’ve never had extreme storms like Sandy before, so I wouldn’t be so sure.

According to this, I’ll be flooded with as little as a two-foot storm surge.

I’m so old

That I remember posting stories like this before we invaded Iraq!

LONDON (AP) — Britain is involved in military contingency planning with the United States over Iran and other potential flashpoints in the Middle East, officials said Friday — but they insisted the talks are not a prelude to a pre-emptive strike against Tehran’s nuclear program.

Prime Minister David Cameron’s office confirmed that routine military planning is being carried out with the U.S. and other allies on a range of scenarios, including on the potential use by American forces of British bases, some of which can act as staging posts for missions to the Middle East.

The Guardian newspaper reported in Friday’s editions that the U.S. had asked Britain to use its bases in Cyprus, and British territory in the Atlantic and Indian Ocean, to help build up forces in the Gulf. It reported that move was regarded as a contingency in case of the need for strikes to halt Tehran’s nuclear program.

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