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Sunday, Aug 7 | 9 pm eastern | 6 pm pacific | Virtually Speaking Sundays | “Our Media Not Theirs” | digbyand Avedon Carol consider developments of the week, highlighting issues neglected or misrepresented by the traditional media and particularly  the Sunday morning broadcasts of traditional media. Authentic, informative and passionate. They’ll begin with this Drew Weston column in the NYT.| Listen live and later on BTR.

Last night of the world

Bruce Cockburn:

Paul Ryan has always insisted on “revenue neutral” tax reform, but now that congressional Dems have been trounced, he’s singing a slightly different tune. The Wisconsin wing-nut said today he’d be open to a deal that would include revenue increases.

The revenues would fall far short of the spending cuts, but you know the economy is tanking again when an Ayn Rand asswipe pretends to give an inch on taxes.

Dimming of the day

Bonnie Raitt:

Dismantling the empire

See, I don’t care about being the dominant military power in the world. How about you?

A letter from Alan Grayson

His take on why he lost.


This should be interesting.

City art.

Good advice, I’d say.

Obama blew it. That’s the point of a long piece in today’s NYT by an exasperated academic who has stopped pretending Obama is the second coming of Martin Luther King. Instead, he asks sobering and long-overdue questions (overdue in the mainstream media, that is).

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